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  • CR Series – Vacuum & Gas Flushing Impluse Sealer for Clean Room Facilities(2)

    The CR-600 vacuum sealing machine meets all clean room requirements! This impulse sealer is manufactured inside a clean booth and shipped after inspection. It is hermetically sealed and shipped only after the measured result is verified to be class 1000 or less. Shipment inspection points include using a device to measure cleanliness during sealer operation.

    The CR-60...

  • FG-400 Series Vaccum/Gas Packaging(9)

    This is a discontinued model. The latest model is the “VG” series. Maintenance parts for the discontinued FG series are available for service.

    A nozzle type of gas flush packaging heat seal equipment, FG-400 series, can easily handle a number of process sequences. All of this model’s operations are quiet and built with safety in mind. Impulse sealer parts for th...

  • FiL-NTG Series - Nozzle-Type Vacuum & Gas Flushing Impulse Sealer(8)

    The FIL-NTG series impulse sealer is great for large-size packaging. This gas flushing machine offers not only the gas flush, but also a vacuum pump to prevent oxidation and deterioration. This style of packaging machinery seals securely with our state-of-the-art sequence control system.

    The sealer head moves upward and downward by electro motion, adopting a screw jac...

  • LOS-NT/NTW Series - Vacuum & Gas Flushing Impulse Sealer for Large Size Packaging(12)

    LOS-NT Series (Vacuum Pump type)
    LOS-NTW Series (Ejector type)

    When you need a gas flush impulse sealer, the long-length LOS-NT and LOS-NTW sealers provide the performance you’re looking for. When you want to flush the air inside the bag and reduce package volume, or if you want to utilize oxygen scavengers to extend product l...

  • V-301G series tabletop vacuum & gas-filling Impulse Sealer(0)

    Maintain the freshness and deliciousness of food....

  • VG-402/602 Series - Micro-Computer-Controlled Nozzle-Type Vacuum & Gas Flushing Impulse Sealer(4)

    The VG-402 and 602 series impulse sealers are high-precision vacuum sealing & gas flushing sealing equipped with a state-of-the-art temperature control system.

    The VG-402 and 602 series feature the heating-temperature control ONPUL system. ONPUL makes high-precision vacuum sealing and sealing through gas flushing possible.

    When you want to flush air inside ...