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  • [CA Series - Automatic Impulse Sealer for Watery Items]CA-Series.jpg

    CA Series - Automatic Impulse Sealer for Watery Items(10)

    The CA series' corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy body, drip-proofed with silicon rubber gasket, is made for handling the packaging of watery items. The user is secure in the knowledge that the air pedal used for directing the work process uses no electric parts. The sealer comes standard-equipped with a tilt table whose angle can be adjusted to 5, 30, and 45 degrees....

  • [FA Series - Table Top-Type Semi-Automatic Impulse Sealer]a1008.jpg

    FA Series - Table Top-Type Semi-Automatic Impulse Sealer(15)

    The FA series utilizes a high pressure solenoid and microcomputer operated controller to seal almost any bag easily and securely. FA series is an excellent sealer for the semi-automatic packaging of thermal form flexible films. The sealer is also light, compact, easy to carry and can even be placed on a small table.

    It is very simple to use, and no speciall skills are...

  • [OPL Series - Temperature-Controlled Semi-Automatic Impulse Sealer]OPL-Series-w-FEP-N1_g-type.jpg

    OPL Series - Temperature-Controlled Semi-Automatic Impulse Sealer(7)

    This impulse sealer combines microcomputer machine control with a highly sensitive thermocouple-based temperature control system to maintain the sealing area at the set seal temperature regardless of the surrounding work environment or increases in the unit's body temperature. Featurting ONPUL system, our original,...

  • [TAIYO -Temperature Controlled Impulse Type Band Sealer]band_sealer.jpg

    TAIYO -Temperature Controlled Impulse Type Band Sealer(2)

    TAIYO is the industry’s first Impulse Band Sealer, combining the best properties of impulse sealer and constant heat sealer. It offers fast sealing speed without compromising nice and clean sealing finish. TAIYO has a built-in ONPUL(temperature control) system.

    Heating Temperature-Control Impulse Band Sealer
    With impulse technology, pre-heati...