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  • AT Series - Air Tube Pressure System for the Uniform Impulse Sealing of Extra-Long Size Bags(6)

    For a simple air-cylinder operated sealer, the flexion of the sealing lever has been the obstacle to apply the sealing pressure equally over the long-size metal sealing bar. Fuji Impulse’s AT series made it possible to make a beautiful sealing longer than 1.5m(59”) by adopting the air tube pressure system. AT series is an ideal “super extra-long size sealer” as the b...

  • FiF Series - Foot Operated Impulse Sealer for Large Size Packaging(5)

    Extra-length foot-operated type impulse sealer, FiF series allows film to pass through the sealing area, making it possible to seal other than the end on a bag. FiFseries can be used for processing block-bottom bags or sealing tube type films. No special skill is required to operate this sealer. Use the timer to adjust the heating time for the material and thickness of the ...

  • FiL Series - Extra-Length Impulse Sealer for Large Size Packaging(4)

    Discontinued model. The latest model is “LOS Series “, Maintenance parts for FiL Series are available for service.

    Compatible Bag Sizes (max.)
    600mm (23.6”)= FiL-600
    800mm(31.4”)= FiL-800
    1000mm(39.3”)= FiL-1000
    1200mm(47.2”)= FiL-1200
    “FiL Series” has been discontinued...

  • LOS Series - Electric/Air-Cylinder Operated Extra-Length Impulse Sealer(8)

    This electric/air-cylinder operated extra-length sealer, LOS series creates beautiful and consistent seals even for the sealing lengths from 600mm/ 23.4″ to 1500mm/58.5″ with the temperature-controlling ONPUL system. The most prominent feature of the ONPUL System is the ability to set and maintain the ideal ...