About i-Heater (I-type Heating Element)

Durable Heating Element

The i-Heater is made of low thermal expansion material, offering less risk of break.



  • NEW built-in “i-Heater” is made of special material offering minimal thermal expansion. Thanks to this material feature, heating elements are more durable than ordinary or conventional elements, reducing the risk of the heater break in the middle.
  • “i-Heater” also contributes to extending the life of peripheral components and consumable parts such as the temperature sensor in contact with the heating element.


  • I-type heating element is not interchangeable between the different element width (5mm and 10mm).
  • I-type heating element cannot be applied to the unit with the conventional element.

Please use only genuine Fuji Impulse parts and consumables.

Fuji Impulse parts and consumables have been carefully designed and developed for Fuji Impulse sealer products. Please specify Fuji genuine parts in order to maintain optimum performance and enjoy your Fuji Impulse sealers in stable condition for many years to come.