Hints and Tips

Allow sufficient cooling time:

Impulse sealer heat-seals plastic films by sending a high electric current instantaneously to the heating element, which eventually provides the heating process. The section to be sealed is placed between the heat-sealing blades, pressed and thermal-fused when current and heat are delivered on impulse through the heater ribbon. After heating, the cooling time is important to discharge the heat to solidify the film between two heat-sealing blades (sealer frame and pressure lever) in the clamping position. Without enough cooling time, the sealed film/area could shrink or get cut off if the worst happens.

For the tabletop models such as P/ PC and V-300 series, you can hear the beep to know the whole sealing process is complete.

With this cooling time, you can expect a lot cleaner and more solid sealing results from impulse sealer than constant heat sealer that has no cooling process.

Set the heating time at the minimal level enough to seal:

Most of Fuji Impulse sealers operates on the heating time control but not on the heating temperature control.

Fuji sealers with built-in ONPUL are the machines that are controlled by heating temperature.

Heating time needs to be adjusted according to the packaging or bag materials and thickness.

Please set the heating time as low as possible sufficient enough to provide the sealing. An excessive heating time would only create the negative results such as;

  • Damaging the component parts,
  • Declined work efficiency, and
  • Waste of energy.

Always find the best-fit heating and cooling times according your individual applications. You will have to determine the best-fit heating and cooling times to meet your specific packaging material. For cooling time, please click here (Link to Allow sufficient cooling time) for more details.

Impulse sealer uses the electric current only at the heating cycle:

Please do not get confused because of NO heat after power switch is turned on.

Impulse sealer instantly sends a high electric current to heat the element to seal only at the heating cycle. (See for details in the “What is an impulse sealer” page.)

Some people ask if the machine is malfunctioned when sealer does not seem to start heating in 10 minutes after power switch is on. This is just a normal condition for impulse sealer and you cannot expect heating element to get heated up without you moving on to the process. (This is one of other benefits for impulse sealer to minimize the risk of burn injury.) You just go to the next step according to the operating manual.

Please note that the machine could get hot for the hours of prolonged time use.