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  • FS Series - Table Top-Type Impulse Sealers(2)

    The FS-215 and FS-315 Shop Impulse Sealers from Fuji Impulse are impulse-sealing units sized and priced right for the small retailer. This remarkable food sealer machine allows even small shops to re-bag bulk commodities into virtually any sized package desired. Easily operated and maintained, the FS-215 and FS-315 Shop Sealers handle a wide range of commercial films.


  • FT Series - Coffee/ Tea Bag Sealer for Thick Gusset Pouch(2)

    FT-130 and 230 sealers are ideal for packaging thick gusset pouches of up to 0.5mm/ 19.6mil thickness. This type of impulse sealer is typically used in coffee and tea shops. Clamping the pouch requires powerful pressure and heat capable of melting the bag, which ordinary sealers cannot produce.

    FT series sealers heat the bag from both the bottom and the top (double he...

  • P Series - Table Top-Type Impulse Poly Sealers(4)

    The P-Series is a poly bag sealer and one of the most easy-to-use hand sealers on the market. The P-Series, also known as the Poly Sealer®, is perfect for compact, tabletop use. The Poly Sealer® is an impulse sealer for sealing packaging only.

    Seals up to 1,000 bags daily; maximum bag size is up to 20/30 cm. The poly bag sealer is compatible with the following packa...