Why Choose An Industrial Vacuum Sealer for Clean Room Use?

A heavy duty industrial vacuum sealer works great for preventing corrosion and/or contamination of machinery parts, apparel, and chemicals. It also helps keep sensitive mechanisms free from contaminants so they will perform at the best level possible. An industrial vacuum sealer helps ensure products and mechanical infrastructure used to create them remains in optimal shape. Keeping them clean in this manner ensures the most favorable performance, freshness, and provides the greatest value.

What is a Clean Room? A clean room is a controlled environment that tries to keep pollutants to a minimum. There are many reasons why one would want a room used for sensitive manufacturing and/or industrial processes to be free from contaminants. Impurities can cause machinery and/or end products to result in a less than ideal condition.

Why does a room need to be so clean? Nearly every industry can benefit from a clean room because small particles of pollutants or irritants can get where they are not supposed to be and negatively affect the environment and/or equipment used to create products. They can also impede the progress of a product working correctly.

Oxygen and Nitrogen. In order to get a good “seal,” air inside the specific area must be reduced. Air is made of approximately 21 percent oxygen and 78 percent nitrogen, with the remaining one percent composing other elements. Nitrogen poses no threat to a clean room environment. Oxygen, on the other hand, can allow bacteria and fungus to grow, and this is not acceptable.

Clean Room Clothing. It is important for the trained professionals working in a clean room to wear clothing that has also been “cleaned” and not contaminated by outside influences. Accidental contamination in a clean room via an employee’s clothing can spell disaster for many types of specialized industries.

The Fuji-Sotex V-402-CH/V-602-CH series is ideal for clean room equipment. With an exhaust fan installed on the side, any particles captured inside the plastic sealing machine can be sent through the exhaust to a place outside the clean room space. It is operated by a microcomputer through a touch-screen that is simple to use. You can view the details on the LCD screen at each step.