What is the Difference Between the V-300 and V-402 Vacuum Sealers

If you own or purchase packaging equipment for a food manufacturing plant there is no better vacuum sealer for this purpose than the V-300.

This handy vacuum packing machine can be used for coffee, candy, nuts, dried fruits, herbs, vegetables, fruits, frozen meals, and many other food products. It has a simple design and can be set up easily.

You can set the temperature control based on the thickness of the film used and the products you are packaging. Despite the small size, this unit can package amounts similar to larger units. Depending on the type of product you manufacture, this type of packaging really extends the shelf life of the product.

Your product will last longer giving customers more reason to buy it especially if they don’t use it immediately.

The V-300 vacuum sealer for packing also improves how the products holds-up against the shipping process. This type of packaging gives it added support and protection. The seal will stay secure and your food product will arrive in good shape for the customer. This is another reason why the V-300 is a good machine to purchase. If you want to package coffee with foil gusseted or pleated bags you can purchase V300-10D that has an added heating element just for this purpose.

A rolling workstation can be purchased if you are interested in the ability to roll the machine around your production or factory store. This sealer is versatile and made to work in any food company.  You can package hundreds of bags of food product on most shifts ready to send out. It will work even set up as a production table or workbench. For the small or large companies, this V-300 sealer really produces results. It is easy to operate with a push button and nozzle control lever. It requires no air simply plug it in and start packing the food. This machine can be adjusted to create the perfect seal for freshness. It comes with parts kit for replacement and changes needed as needed.

The V-402 Vacuum Sealer is designed to package small medical equipment and devices. The machine seals the package so moisture and air do not affect the product. Some products like needles are packed with the prescription drug ready to be injected into the patient by the doctor. Any medical device embedded with prescription medications can be ruined if moisture or bacteria get into the package.

The fact is that small medical devices like thermometers, needles, and small parts used with machinery must be kept safe and free of bacteria.

The V-402 is made for companies that make small medical parts and equipment. The unit is controlled by the microprocessor that sets the temperature and seal strength. This depends on what type of device you are packaging.  You can program the sealer to pack different medical devices by keying the information in. With the touch of button you can switch between packaging two different sensitive medical devices easily. This machine is designed well by continual testing for ISO 11607 standards so that your devices will be packed safely and with extra protection.

Often when shipping medical devices you need to know they are safely packaged. This V-402 sealer will give you peace of mind. It was designed for packing medical equipment for safety. You can pack devices in a thermal formed tray and pouch. It gives your sensitive medical packaging stability. This is important when it arrives to the medical professionals for use with patients.

Again many medical devices have drugs embedded in them for use and need to be protected from moisture and bacteria.

Moisture and bacteria can ruin the effectiveness of the medications or how the medical device work. That is why the vacuum sealer packaging is recommended for medical devices.

Both the V-300 and V-402 vacuum sealers work efficiently and produce high quality sealing results. For majority of our sealers, the differences are within the needs of the different industries and the materials they need to package.