What is the Best Table Top Vacuum Sealer?

If you own or operate a small business that deals in foodstuffs, electronics, or, frankly, any small to medium sized objects that you either ship or sell to customers right out of your shop, listen up:

A table top vacuum sealer could be just about the best investment your small business could make. Sound like a big claim? Just wait and you’ll see that we mean business! Soon enough, you won’t be wondering if you need a vacuum sealer, but rather which one you should get!

First, ask yourself a few questions from the perspective of a customer:

Do you like it when the items you buy come in “factory sealed” quality packaging, safe from any contaminants and easy to transport, ship, and/or store?

Do you like it when your goods can be safely and hygienically packaged right before your very eyes?

Do you like big solutions that fit in small spaces?

If the answers were yes (and come on — they were!) then your business is ready for a table top vacuum sealer. These machines do exactly what it sounds like they would, for the record: they create an airtight, contaminant-free seal around most anything, safely and securely packaging up items ranging from candies to pastries to electronic components to jewelry to you name it!

The process is simple enough when it’s conducted by one of our fine Fuji Impulse machines:

You select the packaging material, which is usually a sturdy clear film or an opaque foil, and place the item to be sealed tight between two layers of material. Then a built in vacuum sucks all the air (which can spoil foodstuffs and can leave room for components to jostle around and get damaged) out of from between the layers. Then using heat and pressure, the film or foil is sealed snug and tight, guaranteed to hold fast until the customer opens up their purchase.

Just think what a vacuum sealer could do for your business — one of our machines could revolutionize the way you package your merchandise for shipment, the way your display it in your shop, or the ways you can offer packaging options to customers. Many of the Fuji Impulse vacuum sealers are small enough to fit in even tiny shops, designed to sit right on desks, counters, or other work areas, so you need not worry about where you’ll fit your new one-stop packaging department.

And with a table top vacuum sealer sitting there at the ready in your shop, you don’t need to worry about keeping all sorts of different sizes of bags and various packing materials in stock.

You can make your own custom sized and perfectly sealed packaging each and every time you want to!

But on the flip side, it is also remarkably easy to always create the same sized packaging, so regardless whether you are using sheets clear film or protective foil, you can create uniform looking packaging that will always look professional, making your products as well as your entire operation that much more appealing to existing and potential customers! You might actually save money right off the bat when you invest in a Fuji Impulse Table Top Vacuum Sealer, as you’ll be able to stop ordering inventory for packaging. And it is definitely a wise investment for the future!

An Impulse Sealer does not have to be constantly hot, like many similar devices, so you will neither waste power when the machine is not in use, nor will you be at risk for singed shirtsleeve or burned fingers as you bustle around your place of business. And with so many different types if Impulse Sealers to choose from, you are bound to find one that is just right for that business!

If you mostly sell smaller items, such as tiny machine or electronic components, candies and smaller backed goods, etc. then perhaps something from our best-selling V-300 table top series is right for you and your business. These units are no larger than a standard consumer microwave, yet they promise great results time and time again, sealing and packaging your wares with professional grade quality despite the V-300 line’s diminutive size. They are also very energy efficient!

For those businesses that need the next step up, we recommend the V-402 series. Still relatively compact, considering it’s like putting a professional packaging facility in your shop, the V-402s are about the size of a large printer, and can easily be affixed to a wheeled table, which will both make the unit easier to move to where you need it, or to put aside when you don’t. This model can easily, quickly, and reliably package and vacuum seal much larger items than the table top units, and should be sufficient for most places of business.