What is an Impulse Heat Sealer?

Have you tried using an impulse heat sealer?

This device is used by lab techs, engineers, production managers and manufacturers to seal different kinds of packaging.  It is widely used for polyethylene and polypropylene bags, as well as thermoplastic packages.  If you want to get maximum productivity in using this device, you should look for high quality that can provide you with great benefits.

Why impulse heat sealers are popular nowadays

They are simple to use in homes. Just put the food inside the special food saver bag, and seal it to protect from dusts, insects and air that can spoil it.  Impulse heat sealers also give an option to freeze meat in bulk for later use, allowing you to store it in food bags and seal it.  This way, you’ll feel safe that it will not be spoiled when exposed to air.  When you need to pack things that need to stay dry, heat sealers can do a great job because sealed bags do not allow water to penetrate. The same is true with clothing that you want to store in safe places away from bad smells, insects, and dusts.

Impulse sealers are categorized into two sections, manual and automatic.  Manual sealers are operated by placing a bag in the sealer’s jaws, pushing them to close, and removing the sealed bag afterwards.  The typical size of a sealer is the same as a handy stapler.

Automatic sealers have slightly different features, here is how they operate:

  • You don’t have to operate an automatic heat sealer since it is designed to seal packages continuously. All you have to do is adjust its settings to seal packaging materials that need different sealing times and temperatures. However, make sure that you program it correctly. If you make a mistake in setting it on a short sealing time, you might end up creating a weak seal.  On the other hand, if you set it too long, you might produce a burnt package.
  • The sealing process works through a quick supply of electrical current sent through a wire that transforms electrical energy into heat. The heat flows quickly into the sealer’s jaw, and is pressed over the sides of the bag in order to melt them together. This way, packaging is sealed completely and permanently, until it is broken.
  • The parts to be sealed are inserted between the sealing element. When electricity and heat are delivered instantly through the heater ribbon, the sections for sealing are then pressed.
  • When electricity stops, the seal is not removed immediately for pressure cooling and to provide a clean finish.

There are several types of impulse heat sealers that we offer to a variety of industries. Some of the most popular impulse sealers are:

• Table top
• Semi-automatic table top
• Foot-operated
• Vacuum sealers
• Gas flush and vacuum sealers
• Long size impulse sealer
• Medical

Each impulse sealer model operates differently, has different safety features, and can be utilized in several different industries. To fully understand how each of our impulse sealer models work, check out our general catalog.

Why you should prefer a Fuji Impulse Heat Sealer

One great thing with this type of sealer is that its microprocessor is controlled, providing you the following benefits:

• There is no waiting time; all you have to do is turn on the switch, and its ready for use.
• Since it has a varying high-temperature sealing bar, the risk of heat injury is low.
• Generates energy cost savings by just using the power when you’re sealing.
• You can produce a very clean sealing result because sealing and cooling process are done in a continued pressure.
• The sealers can deliver consistent and high-grade sealing that meets the requirements of food, medical and high-tech industries.

When you try this kind of impulse heat sealer you’re not only increasing your packaging productivity, but you’re also saving in costs.  Aside from saving money, you are guaranteed a quality product that has no risks!