What are the benefits of an ONPUL impulse sealer

The leaders in enterprise and manufacturing throughout the world rely on Fuji Impulse for all of their sealing product needs. They’re the company that has been at the forefront of the industry for over half a century.

The world’s top manufacturers and organizations haven’t the time to experiment with lesser quality machines like the constant heat sealers that are offered elsewhere.

Sealers that utilize the constant heat method can endanger the safety of employees. Constant heat sealers keep their sealing area hot at all times. Thus exposing employees to potentially life threatening on the job injuries.  Unlike constant heat sealers, the sealing area on the impulse sealer is hot only when in use. Thus reducing the length of time that employees are liable to come in contact with the hot surfaces required for quality sealing.

With the dangers posed by climate change a scientifically acknowledged fact, organizations everywhere are looking for new ways to lighten their environmental footprint. Impulse sealers reduce the energy consumed during the packaging process. This is accomplished by not wasting energy through constantly maintaining a hot temperature on the sealing surface. Environmentally minded companies are replacing their old constant heat sealers with new energy efficient impulse sealers.

In the process they are streamlining their bottom line by:

  • Lowering the energy bills of their packaging departments
  • Reducing payroll hours from employees standing around waiting for sealers to heat up or to cool down
  • Decreasing the risk of on the job injuries by eschewing sealers that use the potentially dangerous constant heat method

Businesses that are involved in high volume production need reliable sealing machines. They require cost effective machinery that will provide consistent seals for each unit of their products.

Constant heat sealers, when used continuously in a high volume production setting, can begin to have temperature variations. The strains of overwork showing up as lapses in sealing quality and lapses of non-conformity to standards. So they aren’t recommended for the prolonged use demanded in such a situation.

ONPUL impulse sealers are engineered to withstand the rigors of prolonged use that is demanded in high volume production. Whether they are used in the electronics or the aerospace industry, in the field of medicine or food manufacturing, the applications for ONPUL impulse sealers are as varied as the industries that have come to rely upon them.

For the precision in packaging that is so necessary for the safe arrival of your product when shipped from manufacturer, to distributor and on to the consumer. Make sure that it’s done right the first time, each and every time.

In todays demanding global marketplace, competition for resources requires the exacting conformity of every unit of product that you manufacture to minute specifications. Waste must be minimized in all facets of operations. There is no room for sealing machines that overheat or fail to provide a uniform seal for each unit produced. Whether it is the first or last unit of production, consistency of packaging is not an option. It is a stringent necessity that cannot be overlooked in any field or industry.

Companies whose packaging must meet exacting standards look to impulse heat sealers to steer them smoothly into port. Some manufacturers may know the exact temperature that provides the absolute best seal for their product.

ONPUL impulse sealing technology allows you to adjust the sealing temperature to the exact degree required for the optimal sealing of your product.  That can save you big time by acing that all important last step of your work. With the perfect packaging of your product, you can be assured of its safe arrival at its destination via all types of shipping services.