Variety is the key when Fuji-sotex is involved in packaging

The packaging industry is one of the major industries today that provide B2B solutions. You might be manufacturing sterilized equipments for hospitals and clinics or sending out food materials, a good packaging is a must use. Impulse sealers or heat sealers are human made devices that act god like when it comes to packaging. There are various heat sealers in the market, but nothing beats the good old Japanese technique. Embedding the Japanese vibes within, Fuji-sotex provides the best of impulse sealers and food sealers to the industries requiring them. The impulse sealers provided by Fuji-sotex are manufactured with extreme caution and care is taken of the sensitive environment as well. The products are high quality and affordable at the same time. The fuji impulse sealers are temperature controlled and manufactured for the fast pace work ethics. The use of high tech techniques like the ONPUL makes us stand apart from the crowd.

Fuji-sotex manufactures impulse sealers for that can serve various purposes of sealing. From small scale industries to large scale industries, Fuji-sotex has an impulse sealer for every industry. There are high quality food sealers, which are suitable for sealing packages of food materials, wet and dry. The food sealers from Fuji-sotex are vacuum sealers, which flush in air into the package and keep the food safe from oxidation. There are other food sealers like the V-460 series table top vacuum impulse sealer which is best suitable for dairy farmers. The tabletop heat sealer is equipped with in built ONPUL heating temperature control system that allows you to set and maintain an ideal heating temperature. There are various other industries where the heat sealer is of great use like the packaging for hospitals and clinics, which needs sterilization and clean environment. The LOS-NT/NTW heat sealers provide you with the capability to fill the bag with nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation, or with carbon dioxide to create bacteriostatic or insect-repellent effects or to prevent spoilage and mold growth; you can use the gas-flush sealing function. All the heat sealers of this category are specifically made for medical purposes and manufactured in a clean environment to ensure safety. Hospitals need sterilization and the heat sealers from Fuji-sotex provide the same every time. The food industry and the hospital packaging industry are just a few names that require dedicated help from impulse sealers or heat sealers or food sealers for their business to grow. There are many other industries that might be needing the right packaging solution and Fuji-sotex is a one stop solution for all of them.

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