Vacuum sealing is the technique that keeps your chips fresh!!

Did you have that pack of Lays’ and are left awestruck on the wonder by which they got the flavors intact. All things considered, this has happened a thousand times and over with every one of us who are fixated on the prepared to-go food (Beef Jerky, obviously). Guess what! There is a great deal that goes into the bundling of food. There are things like the food itself (which is the clearest thing), additives and devices that guarantee the bundling to be done appropriately. Presently, here is the thing! The device is impulse sealer. As the name proposes, it is something that aides in sealing the bundling and great sky, how brilliantly it does it. Impulse sealers have a place with a gathering transcendently called heat sealers; and food sealer is a sort of impulse sealer that prevalently is intended to pack food or drinks quickly and definitely. We are fuji-sotex and we are here to help you in making sense of the technique for bundling. We have a line of sealing items that are intended for industry particular purposes.

blog3Have you ever seen the Lay’s pack and wondered why the air’s fair share! It has happened with the best of us and isn’t something to be worried about. Now that air is not present juts like this or the chips company wanted to fool you or something. You get the air for a purpose- to not allow the chips to go stale or perish. Not just the chips, most the packaging we see with air in it have the air for the same purpose. For proper sealing in a manner that the food remains as fresh as possible, Vacuum Sealer or Vacuum Impulse Sealers are essential. These Vacuum Heat Sealers take out the oxygen for a tight packing as we see in the cold cut meat packaging. To flush the oxygen scavengers in packets like the Lays’ pack we were talking about, the machine required is Vacuum & Gas-Flush Impulse Sealers.

blog4We are fuji-sotex and we specialize in distributing such machines for the packaging industry. There are table top Vacuum Impulse Sealers like the V-300 series. With a self-contained vacuum pump, this compact, economical commercial sealing machine delivers exceptional performance and only requires a 110V outlet. V-300 vacuum sealers effectively preserve freshness, prevent oxidation, conserve sensitive electronic and medical diagnostic parts and stop shifting of contents. With an automatic timer controlling vacuum and sealing temperature, this sealer maintains uniform vacuum sealing for a prolonged operation. We also house some of the best in class  Vacuum & Gas-Flush Impulse Sealers like the VG-402/602 series. The VG-402 and 602 series feature the heating-temperature control ONPUL system. ONPUL makes high-precision vacuum sealing and sealing through gas flushing possible. When you want to flush air inside of the bag and reduce the package volume, or when you want to utilize oxygen scavengers to extend product life, you can use the vacuum sealing function.

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