Vacuum Sealers: Which Is Right For Your New Product Line?

Your new product line is just about ready to go into production. You’ve thought absolutely every aspect through. Have you considered vacuum packaging, though? If you’re not familiar with the process, the idea is that you put your product inside a plastic package, then remove the air from it, sealing all of the ends that were open. Wondering why you might bother? It can increase the shelf life of consumables dramatically, and it can protect and preserve those products that aren’t consumable. If you’re ready to consider vacuum sealing, you’re making the right choice, but what type of vacuum sealer might meet your needs? Take a look at the two main options.

• Nozzle Sealers: These are easily the most common type of vacuum sealers, both at the residential and commercial level. They use a vacuum pup connected to a nozzle that you insert into your packaging. That nozzle removes the air from the package, then the heat sealer seals the open end. The entire process takes just a few seconds.

• Chamber Sealers: This type of vacuum sealer has you load bags into a chamber to remove the air. Once it’s removed, a seal is made to close it up. This is ideal for perishables like meat, liquids, and cheeses, and as popular as nozzle sealers are, these rank just as high in commercial operations.

The Fuji-Sotex Difference

No matter which type of vacuum sealer you choose to meet your needs, Fuji-Sotex is here to help you get the right solution. Our goal is to engineer products for people who use them every day, so we continually strive for excellence and high quality as much as possible. To learn more about our full line, contact us today.