Traditional Sealers (Constant) vs. ONPUL Impulse Heat Sealers

Since the advent of assembly line production, manufacturers have been quick to embrace mechanical and technological advancements that offer improved procedures.


Assuredly, innovations with the ability to increase production capacity and accuracy can provide a crucial, competitive edge over rival companies.

In the twenty-first century, global marketplace, industry leaders are eager for new equipment developments that have the power to reduce operational expenses, lower labor costs, and streamline procedures. Yet, when the machinery also offers improved safety, while maximizing resources, there’s really no question about implementing the change.

Properly sealing your product packaging is a vital element in manufacturing. It is imperative that the durability and consistency of the seal remain uniform throughout the distribution process, until it reaches the consumer. But is there truly any difference between traditional, or constant heat sealers and ONPUL impulse heat sealers?

Fundamental Differences

Constant heat sealers operate similar to a conventional range, stove eye. When it’s turned on, an electrical current gradually warms the element, and then maintains the constant temperature the entire time the unit is powered.

Conversely, an impulse heat sealer operates using microprocessors and thermal conductivity, effectively sealing product packages of various shapes and sizes. The difference lay in the technology.

Impulse heat sealers are ready for use instantly, only utilizing an electrical current when the heat is operating. Once thermal fusion has been completed, the pressure remains until the seal has cooled.

Operational Advantages

There are many manufacturing advantages that an impulse heat sealer provides, opposed to constant heat sealers.

  1. Lower Operational Costs. Due to the fact than an impulse heat sealer only applies an electrical current “on impulse”, utility expenses in packaging departments decrease.
  2. Faster Production Time. These sealers eliminate the wait time incurred while the unit reaches the proper temperature, reducing wasted labor.
  3. Decreased Risk of Injury. Operators are not exposed to the heating element during the sealing process, and there aren’t any hot surfaces exposed to the user, which could cause accidental injury.
  4. Accurate and Consistent Sealing. The fusion and cooling occur under pressure, ensuring a clean, durable, uniform seal every time.
  5. Improved Longevity. Over time, constant heat sealers can gradually begin to over-heat, creating wear on the machine, and gaps, bubbles, etc., which result in imperfect seals.

While impulse heat sealers offer manufacturers a better, faster, quality seal for their products, using less energy, the machinery still had room for improvement, consequently, the development of ONPUL.

Much like the name, KAN-BAN, a method used to control inventory levels, ONPUL is a term derived from the Japanese words, “on” and “pulse.” Especially beneficial to production companies whose packaging requirements must conform to specific standards, this machine was designed to perfect the impulse heat-sealing process.

ONPUL Superiority

Since most sealing failures and inaccuracies occur because of machine wear, caused by over-heating and prolonged usage, the ONPUL impulse heat sealer was developed to eliminate these problem areas.

With the addition of temperature monitoring and control, the ONPUL impulse heat sealer integrates an advanced function, ensuring that the packaging seal is achieved at the ideal temperature.

The set temperature is constantly regulated by the incorporation of specialized, high-sensitivity sensors, which monitor the heating blade, and the unit’s internal computer, which adjusts the electrical current, to produce a perfect seal.

Building from the advantages offered by impulse heat sealers, the ONPUL’s innovative temperature regulation control affords manufacturers with the means to seal packaging materials quickly, easily, and perfectly, every time.

Effectively operating a production assembly line at maximum efficiency requires the integration of new technology. By employing ONPUL impulse heat sealers, opposed to traditional sealing machines, your manufacturing company can enjoy the advantages of increased employee safety and efficiency, lower electricity usage during operations, and consistent, durable package seals.

No matter what your company produces, from pharmaceuticals or food, to commodity shipments or electronics, ONPUL impulse heat sealers offer substantial packaging solutions that will streamline your manufacturing procedures.