Top Impulse Sealer Offers the Best Features for Your Unique Needs

a Japanese company renowned for high quality, designs and manufactures a wide variety of industry-leading sealers for packaging professionals in the food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and many other industries.

From seal-only machines, to nitrogen gas flush impulse sealers, Fuji Impulse offers an impulse sealer to suit every need.

What is an impulse sealer?
An impulse sealer heat seals packaging by sending a pulse of high current through a heater ribbon, attached to a heat sealing blade, that fuses the sections to be sealed through thermal conductivity. The blade maintains pressure on the section to be sealed as it cools, ensuring a clean, smooth, and complete seal every time.

What are the benefits of impulse sealers?
-No warm up time. Impulse sealers are ready to work when you are.
-Economy. Impulse sealers only use electricity during the brief sealing process.
-Low risk to user. No component of an impulse sealer remains hot for more than a few seconds.
-Cleaner seals. Impulse sealers maintain pressure through the fusion and cooling process, preventing ragged-looking seals common with constant heat sealers.

What Types of Sealers does Fuji Impulse offer?
-Sealing only. A variety of impulse sealers, from table-top to floor-standing models, that specialize in sealing packaging.
Vacuum sealing. These impulse sealers remove air from packaging prior to sealing, to prevent oxidation of perishable items and maintain freshness of product.
Vacuum and gas flush sealing. These machines can not only remove air from product to be sealed, but can also fill the bag with either nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation or carbon dioxide for bacteriostatic/insect repellent function. Gas sealing prevents spoilage and mold growth, extends the life of the product, and maintains freshness.
-medical impulse sealer.

These sealers meet the stringent requirements of ensuring sterility of sealed objects in the medical industry.

Nitrogen gas flush impulse sealers from Fuji Impulse are the highest quality, state-of-the-art sealers on the market today. Vacuum sealing reduces packaging size and extends the life of the product. The option to flush the package with nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas allows further control over preserving your product. Flushing with nitrogen gas can lengthen the shelf life of food and pharmaceutical products by modifying the atmosphere in order to slow down the growth of aerobic microorganisms, while also mitigating the damaging effects of oxidation. Nitrogen is an inert gas that doesn’t react with food and pharmaceutical products, unlike oxygen. Nitrogen gas flush impulse sealers provide the peace of mind of knowing that our product will stay fresh for as long as possible.

Fuji Impulse has offered sealing solutions to over 40,000 satisfied customers, including 3M, DuPont, Lockheed Martin, Nissan, AMAT, P&G, Intel, Mead Johnson, Ajinomoto, Abbott, Takeda, NASA, many academies and U.S. government institutions. As an industry leader, Fuji Impulse strives for excellence and high quality through constant research and development to meet and exceed the demands of customers worldwide. Nitrogen gas flush impulse sealers from Fuji Impulse outperform any other impulse sealer on the market. Fuji Impulse guarantees the satisfaction of its customers.