Top 5 Uses of the VG402 Impulse Vacuum Gas Flush Sealer

A product is only as good as its packaging. This is universally true for any and every product that is not consumed immediately after production; it is true for any and every product that is to be shipped and/or stored.

Everything from apparel to medical supplies to foodstuffs needs to be packaged properly for the specific type of handling, storage, display, and use or sales specific to its own needs. Fortunately, there is one type of machine that can be used to create excellent, reliable, and quality packaging for myriad different types of item and that can serve plural different fields: the vacuum gas flush sealer.

And if you are looking for a vacuum gas flush sealer to help your business create the best possible packaging, you would be well advised to make the first unit you consider the Fuji Impulse VG402, one of the finest and most versatile vacuum gas flush sealers available. It’s no surprise that it is also one of the very best selling models around!

What does the VG402 do?

First let’s discuss exactly what a vacuum gas flush sealer is and how it works, as the name can seem intimidating. Essentially it is nothing more than a machine that seals sheets of films (or previously cut and measured bags) to create packaging. But this packaging will be absolutely airtight and even air-free, as the “gas flush” part of the equation forces potentially harmful air out of your packaging by replacing it with a safe, inert gas such as nitrogen. The sealer part of the equation is of course just that: using heat and pressure, the VG402 creates a strong, durable seal. So put those two aspects together and you get a perfectly airtight, contaminant free environment sealed tight around your goods. This packaging will also be the exact size you want, of course, so every item, big or small, will be in its own professional grade custom package. And you can also choose to use a variety of packing materials, such as plastics, polyurethane, and various foils. This versatility allows you to choose the right packaging material for both the proper storage and the look you want to achieve for your goods! Couple the inherent usefulness of a vacuum gas flush sealer with all the added features of the VG402, such as anti-overheating and anti-finger jamming safety mechanisms, and you’ll start to see why this is the best unit for most types of businesses. Now that we have established the inherent merits of the unit, let’s talk about…

What types of businesses could benefit from using a VG402 vacuum gas flush sealer?

Too many to list here, quite frankly! So instead of trying to create a laundry list of all the possible people who would benefit from using this machinery, instead we are going to talk about a few specific industries and business types that would be well served by a VG402.

Medical Practices/Labs

Of all the things you want to hear about in the medical field–>, contamination is certainly not one! With a vacuum gas flush sealer, a clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office can rest assured that any samples it needs to transfer between patient and lab, or that need to be stored for later testing are sealed away in a reliable, stable, and contaminant-free environment. Likewise, a doctor can create quick, customized packaging for any medicines or implements they need to ensure get home with their patients safe and sound. A VG402 can create such safe, secure packaging, they can even be used for things going into or out of “clean room” environments.

Food Packaging

From sliced salami that’s dried, cured, and ready to eat to raw ingredients that will be part of a chef’s culinary masterpiece, if you want food stored properly, you need to have it stored in water and airtight packaging that is custom created! You would not want to put gourmet sweets in the same type of package as a cut of salmon, would you? While the confections may be made to show off and warrant a clear film for packaging, the fish may do better out of the light in foil. With a VG402, you choose how to package the food you create or process!


Nothing can suffer spoilage like dairy products! With a vacuum gas flush sealer, you can create packaging for cheeses, and even for creams and liquid milk. These products will have greatly extended shelf and shipment lives thanks to their reliable packaging.


Why have your storeroom overflowing with bulky clothing, clothing that is at risk of suffering from water or insect damage, no less? Create strong, space-saving packages that can be used for storage, shipment, and sales of your clothes.


Even the most sensitive electronics will be safe when sealed away in tough, durable foils. They can be surrounded by inert gas to prevent oxidization.