Top 5 Industries that Benefit from Impulse Heat Sealers

Impulse heat sealers work by sending a current to a heater ribbon, situated on either one or two heating elements, on impulse, thereby generating the heat required to seal a package as and when required. Once the current stops, the seal is kept under pressure until cooled.

This process has several advantages, including:

  • Instant readiness (there is no warm-up period)
  • Cost-effectiveness (electricity is only used during the sealing process and instant readiness reduces production/ packaging times)
  • Pressure during fusion and cooling produces consistently clean, strong seals
  • Reduced risk of injury (no continually hot parts)

Impulse heat sealers have many advantages that benefit a whole range of industries, the top five of which are:

  • Apparel (Individual Packaging for Items of Clothing)
  • Food Packaging
  • Confectionery Production/ Bread Making/ Fish and Seafood
  • Hospitals/ Clinics (Individual Medication Packaging; Sterilization Bags)
  • Industrial Components (Parts, Tools)

Advantages for the Apparel Packaging Industry

There is increasing pressure for clothing to be packaged in cost-effective, environmentally friendly and space saving packaging. Impulse heat sealers can operate with foils onto which item descriptions, prices, and so on can be printed directly, reducing both the amount of raw materials required and the associated cost. Because the seals are consistently neat, clothing is packed tidy and presentable at all times. In short, impulse heat sealed packaging requires less space, has a lower impact on the environment as a result of using fewer natural resources, and is quicker – thus saving on labor-cost – than boxes, for example.

In addition, the strength of the seals ensures that clothing made from moisture sensitive materials is protected against potential environmental problems.

Food Packaging Advantages

The food packaging industry faces many challenges, from health and safety to environmental regulations; from the need to extend the shelf-life of foods to presenting the packaged food items in a manner that is attractive to consumers. Impulse heat sealers, in particular those using a vacuum and those with a combined vacuum/ gas flush system, ensure that food sealed in bags remains fresh for longer by excluding oxygen and air-born bacteria likely to cause decay, molds and other problems potentially affecting food. Food subsequently reaches the consumer in a far fresher state.

Consistently neat, uniform sealing means the food is presented attractively, while at the same time assuring consumers that it has not been possible for their food to be tampered with. Naturally, the savings on electricity and time make impulse heat sealers a far more cost-effective alternative to other packaging methods.

Confectionery Production/ Bread Making/ Fish and Seafood

Similar to general food packaging, confectionery, bread, fish and seafood need to be packaged in a way that keeps them fresh for as long as possible, while at the same time needing to be attractive to consumers. Packaging can also be kept far more compact, reducing the overall cost of packaging substantially.

In addition, many items of confectionery – as well as bread products, seafood and fish – are delivered to retailers in bulk quantities. Impulse heat sealers allow for these deliveries to be repacked into ‘consumer-sized portions’ quickly, efficiently and safely. With fish and seafood, speed in packaging is often of the essence, and as well as meeting the need for speed, impulse heat sealers produce the kind of seal that will not only keep things fresh, it will also keep in the sometimes somewhat unpleasant odors associated with fish.

Hospitals and Clinics

Hygiene is of utmost importance when it comes to medical/ surgical equipment. Sterilized surgical instruments, syringes, swabs and many other, similar items need to be sealed quickly and with an assurance of consistency in seals.Impulse heat sealers meet these requirements, and allow quality personnel to easily monitor, control and validate the packaging process. As a result, accidental contamination of equipment through delays in the sealing process, insufficient fusion temperatures or broken seals can be avoided.

When used in the context of packaging medication, impulse heat sealers provide a variety of benefits. In addition to reducing size and cost of packaging materials, the sealed packages are kept sterile and can also be easily checked for signs of tampering.

Industrial Components

Whether parts are of a purely mechanical or of an electronic nature, the two main enemies of most industrial tools and parts are moisture and oxygen. By effectively protecting industrial parts/ tools against exposure to both, impulse heat sealers reduce the risk of corrosion and subsequently ensure parts reach the end-user in a perfect, high quality state.

As with all industries, the cost-saving benefits of these sealers include reduced size/ cost of packages; reduced energy consumption and reduced packaging times, allowing for higher quantities to be packed at lower cost, essentially increasing productivity while saving on expenses.