Top 5 Impulse Sealers Used in Hospitals

Anyone who has worked in the medical field will tell you that the little things — the details — matter in big ways.

You can have the most effective medicines, the best implements, and the most technologically advanced gear available, and find it rendered compromised if not all together useless by improper packaging. A medicine is only safe for a patient to take if it remains clean and pure; a sample taken from a patient is absolutely useless if it becomes contaminated by contact with foreign substances. And for surgical implements, one had better hope they are stored and transferred in the most sanitary, reliable manner.

In the medical fields, the question is not whether or not great packaging matters, it is what type of packaging to use.

And the answer for those in the know is to use medical pouch sealers. Medical pouch sealers are specialized types of vacuum sealer (and vacuum gas flush sealing) machines — they are the same type of machine you would see used to package everything from gourmet beef jerky, to circuit boards for a computer, to spare widgets for a washing machine! But dedicated medical pouch sealers are designed to create reliably airtight, contaminant proof packaging so that everything from medicines to samples to implements can be safely (and quickly) packaged right there at the facility where they are already located. Then the packages are ready for transfer to patients, for long term storage on or off site, or even to be shipped across town or around the globe.

Different medical facilities have different functions, deal with different items and materials, and so on — that means while medical pouch sealers are universally effective for use in medical facilities, different machines will be appropriate for different places.

The right tool for the job can be easy for you to figure out: just consider a few factors and then consider these units:

The OPL-350-MD NP Impulse Sealer is the perfect machine for smaller clinics and practices that deal with medicines and materials that need to be custom packaged for distribution to patients or other facilities. This unit is small enough to sit on a desk, uses very little power, and yet can create sterile, reliable, airtight and safe packets of many sizes.

The LOS-NT/NTW Series of Vacuum Sealers are larger than the OPLs and that means they require more of a footprint and use more electricity, but of course it also means they can be used to create much larger packages. For facilities that may need to create a reliably sterile packaging for things larger than mere pills and vials, these are the best units for the job.

Take the LOS-NT Vacuum Pump machine is a great choice for hospitals or clinics that may be dealing with packaging for larger solid objects, such as a prosthesis or a good sized piece of medical equipment that needs to be stored or transferred from place to place safely.

The LOS-NT/NTW series also features an Ejector vacuum sealing machine, which is the perfect choice for creating packages containing fluids or powders. One need not stretch the imagination to think of how many practical applications that type of machine could have for a hospital or doctors office, places so often dealing with fluids that have a marked need to be kept safe and pure, and also that no one wants to see spilled!

To be certain that the packaging created is always reliable, the savvy medical practice will not only use medical pouch sealers, but will also employ an ASTM F88-00 unit, which is a machine specifically designed to test the tensile strength and reliability of the seals of their packages. Even the best films and the best sealers are not magic makers, and so if you want to be sure that VG-602/VG-402 Vacuum Gas Flush sealer works every time, test it from time to time. And speaking of a Vacuum Gas Flush Sealer, that’s the unit that creates a perfectly contaminant-free package thanks to its interior being filled with a stable, inert gas such as nitrogen.