Top 5 Benefits of High Quality Vacuum and Gas Flush Impulse Sealers

Choosing a solution for packaging requirements can be a bewildering activity if you know what you need to do, but you don’t know about the right piece of equipment to do it with.

Not only are there numerous technologies and tools out there for packaging different types of products. There are great variations in the quality of the products you can buy to help you with your packaging requirements.

Added to this, if you are in an industry where hygiene, cleanliness and care for your customers and the products you are shipping to them are of utmost importance, such as the food, medical or high tech industries, buying high quality packaging products which deliver high quality results is not something to be risked by purchasing low quality equipment.

An increasing number of buyers in the food, medical or high tech industries are purchasing a high quality vacuum and gas flush impulse sealer to help them with specific needs. To help understand why they are buying them, here is a list of the top five benefits of a vacuum and gas flush impulse sealer:

Volume reduction

Flushing the air out of the product being packaged will dramatically reduce the volume of certain products to save space when shipping it to the customer. Reducing the volume allows more products to packed in bulk or will allow more protective packaging materials to be used to prevent damage in transit. In addition, extracting oxygen from the packing helps to increase the shelf life of certain products, thereby reducing wastage.

Prevention of spoilage

A high quality vacuum and gas flush impulse sealer will safely enable the input of nitrogen gas into the packaging to reduce oxidation of products to prevent products being spoiled unnecessarily. Added to this, introducing carbon dioxide into the packaging will prevent mold and spoilage by creating a bacteriostatic and insect repellent environment for the products being packed.

Faster processing speeds

When time is tight and makes the difference to delivering to customers on time, choosing a high quality vacuum and gas flush impulse sealer will reduce the time spent on each packing each unit.

Operator Safety

There is no need to put the operator of the machinery at risk with a high quality vacuum and gas flush impulse sealer.Whether it is the emergency stop mechanism, the filters for removing harmful particles from a machine’s exhaust system, or the ability to adjust the equipment easily to the requirements of an individual’s height, the best equipment minimizes any safety concerns, allowing for greater productivity.


Why risk a hygienic or dust free environment with a vacuum and gas flush impulse sealer which has not been built in a clean room itself? It is just not worth the risk of buying inferior equipment which could ruin a batch of products or a business’ reputation with unclean machinery.

When choosing a vacuum and gas flush impulse sealer, be sure to pick equipment which suits the environment’s requirements and which is the highest quality for the best results.  Buyers in the  food, medical or high tech industries buy high quality equipment for very good reason. They know not to risk their customers’ and employees’ expectations of them and their products.