Should You Select a Chamber Sealer or a Nozzle Sealer for Your Product Line?

The right vacuum sealer means getting your product from your factory to your customer faster and fresher than you may have thought possible, but there are so many choices when it comes to selecting the ideal vacuum sealer. Among those is choosing between a chamber-style sealer and a nozzle style sealer. Which one might be right for your products? Take a moment to explore the differences now.

Chamber Style Sealers

This type of sealer pulls quite a bit of oxygen from your packaging, but it tends to work at a fairly slow pace. Most chamber sealers can lower the overall oxygen level in the bag to .02%. If you have a seriously oxygen sensitive product, this is the way to go. You might place an entire bag inside the sealer itself, then close the lid. From there, the sensor will be activated, and the process will begin. Once complete, the bag will be sealed twice to ensure the seal is strong, then it will undergo a dwelling time to ensure the seal is set. Pressure inside the chamber is returned to normal, and you can then open the lid. It takes approximately twenty seconds to completely seal a bag with a chamber sealer. Virtually no operator involvement is necessary once the lid has been closed.

Nozzle Sealers

These offer some of the fastest vacuum cycle times on the market. They’re widely used with a number of different solid food products. Pneumatic cylinders open the jaws of the machine, the cylinder moves the nozzle, and the operator pushes the nozzle in the bag. Once in place, the operator starts the cycle, and when it’s complete, the nozzle retracts. It takes approximately ten seconds to complete. The machine is fairly easy to control, and there are typically programmable settings so you can use various settings for a variety of different products. You can also vacuum seal any bag size, and you can use it just as a sealer if you wish.

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