Sealing Only models and Ultrasonic sealers are the stars of the show

Sealers have been contraptions to the marvelous help of us, individuals. The sealers are of different sorts depending upon the limits and fields they are used as a part of. Generally, the most frequently used sealers are the Heat Sealers and Impulse Sealers. Heat Sealers, as is demonstrate from the innocence, is a machine used to seal things, packaging, and other thermoplastic materials using heat. This can be with uniform thermoplastic monolayers or with materials having a couple layers, no short of what one being thermoplastic. The packaged food industry that thrives today is at such a high place due to the highly capable Food Sealers. The technology is constantly improving which in turn s enhancing the entire process of food packaging and for good. Previously there was a certain amount of waiting involved to make the coil hot enough; today the wait has been reduced to zilch. This brings us up to the various types of sealers that are available in the market today. There are Sealing Only models, Vacuum Sealers, and even Ultrasonic Sealers to help seal thermoplastics with utmost ease.

blog1We are Fuji-Sotex and we are one such company whose products are revolutionizing the sealing industry. We have roped in latest technology with a focus on innovation to get the best out of everything. We have Sealing Only Models like the Table top impulse sealers, Foot pedal type impulse sealers, Automatic impulse sealers, and long size impulse sealers. All these models are designed according to the functionality they are going to have. The tabletop impulse sealers are best for small bus  inesses and can be operated way easily than others. The FS-215 and FS-315 Shop Impulse Sealers from Fuji Impulse are impulse-sealing units sized and priced right for the small retailer. This remarkable food sealer machine allows even small shops to re-bag bulk commodities into virtually any sized package desired. Easily operated and maintained, the FS-215 and FS-315 Shop Sealers handle a wide range of commercial films. Impulse heating across a special plate allows for a faster heat seal process. Ideal for sealing bags up to 200mm wide (the FS-215) and 300mm wide (the FS-315), a Shop Sealer will prove to be the perfect investment for your packaging needs.

Similarly, we have Ultrasonic Sealers as well that prove to be the best for many users who don’t like a lot of hassle and have storage woes. The US-60C is an ultrasonic crimp sealer for clamshell packages. This user-friendly plastic sealing machine is operated by an easy-to-squeeze handle. As the handle is squeezed, the upper portion of the jaw vibrates at 60 KHz and successfully welds the plastic material with consistent sealing quality. blog2This clamshell sealer is designed with an automatic timer to produce perfect identical seals each and every time. When the sealing is complete, a heating lamp will notify you. This ultrasonic crimp sealer is ready to use as soon as it has been powered on. The US-60C greatly improves packaging appearance and presentation.

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