Everything You Need to Know About Our Gas Flushing & Vacuum Impulse Sealer LOS Series

Free Gas Flush & Vacuum Sealer PDF

    One of the most effective impulse heat sealers from Fuji Impulse America is the gas flushing impulse vacuum sealer. This sealer offers two different series that are beneficial for a wide range of industries and this pdf will focus on the LOS series.


    The Fuji Impulse Vacuum and Gas Flushing Sealer LOS PDF clearly explains the typical industries, model specifications and safety features for the LOS model. You will also receive an overview of the design, safety features, and operation details for the LOS model.

    This PDF will explain:

    • Which industries work best with the Gas Flushing and Vacuum Impulse Sealer LOS
    • The detailed operation and safety measures
    • A detailed overview of the LOS’ power consumption, heating method, seal strength and much more!

    Determine which gas flushing and vacuum impulse sealer is right for your industry!