Product Spotlight: Los NT Sealer Series

When you’re searching for the right gas flush impulse sealer to meet your needs, you’re certain to come across our LOS-NT series. A high performance impulse sealer designed to meet your needs, it’s ideal for flushing the air inside the bag and reducing package volume or using oxygen scavengers to extend the life of your product.

The Benefits

This sealer series gives you the power to fill all of your bags with the gas of your choice to help extend product life. Whether you want to go with a nitrogen fill to help prevent oxidation or you choose a carbon dioxide fil to help create bacteriostatic effects and prevent spoilage, this is the ideal choice.

You also have a number of options within the vacuum pump feature, as you can choose the right level of performance to meet your needs. You can determine this based on the material you’re working to pack.

This series also incorporates a number of different safety features. Every model is equipped with an emergency stop switch that turns off the breaker and shuts the power down. That returns the lever to its initial position. Each one also comes with locking casters and a disconnection alarm
Perhaps the best part of these is that they use our temperature controlling ONPUL system. It controls heating temperature by directly measuring the heater temperature using a low profile sensor that comes in contact with it. That means there are no problems with setting heater temperature or the sealing finish deteriorating after prolonged use.

Add that feature to the fact that they can accommodate a variety of bag sizes, and you have a winning equation that may work well for your factory floor.

To learn more about this sealer series or any other in our line, please contact us today.