Product Spotlight: FEP N-1 Series Hot Stamp Printer

The right hot stamp printer means a perfect image almost every time, and our FEP N-1 Series is one of our more popular models. It’s available as both an inside and outside device. A two-line hot printer with the potential to print one-line as well, it offers the capability to print and seal simultaneously, saving you time and manpower.

The Benefits

The FEP-N1 series comes in three different models, the traditional N-1, the OS-N1, and the V-N1, all of which make a great addition to your factory line. The printing is done completely without ink. By using heated type to print the carbon from the print tape, you get a great look every time. With a two line print, you get about 6,000 letters. With a one line print, you get about 12,000 letters. Easy to install and operate, few hot stamp printers will get your company this far.

Maintenance is fairly simple with this model too. Just remember that the type and type case get hot very quickly, so you have to be careful as you work on them. With each model, you can make a number of adjustments to better meet your needs, including the height of the heater section, the length of the tape feed, and the level of slack in the printer tape.

If you think our FEP-N1 series might be the right addition to your company, take a moment to contact us today to learn more about this unique model. Versatile and durable, it’s the perfect way to take things to the next level for your company.