Packing Tips for Your Product Line

Most modern retail stores assault the consumer’s senses with a variety of sights, sounds, and smells. In that kind of environment, you need the kind of packaging that will cause your product to stand out but also reassure the consumer that your product is both safe and appealing.

1: Safety First

The most important requirement in modern packaging must be the safety of both employees and consumers. Food cannot be packaged in a way that would allow for contamination. Medicines must be packaged so that children cannot misuse them. Knives and other sharp implements need to be properly covered so that the people stocking the shelves and those buying the products aren’t cut as they move them. Properly sealing these products is often a first, vital step in any packaging process.

2: Be Creative

Given the sheer number of options that are available on store shelves, you’re going to need a product that stands out. The right packaging can demonstrate to the consumer that time and effort went into the packaging. The customer will then assume that this same care went into the product itself. Sold, interesting packaging creates trust in the brand even if your prices happen to be a bit higher than the competition.

3: Be Clear about What You’re Selling

Creativity is an important part of catching the consumer’s eye, but don’t allow creativity to get in the way of clarity. The consumer still needs to know what he or she is buying. Overly-elaborate packaging may lead to product confusion. Vacuum-sealing, conveniently, allows a product to be protected but also clearly visible.

4: Be Aware of Retailers’ Needs

Consider how your product will be displayed on store shelves. If your product’s packaging is oddly-shaped or cumbersome, the retailer may have to place it in an unusual place. You don’t want your goods being displayed on a low, awkward shelf simply because your packaging makes it hard to display in a more visible area.