Keeping Packing Costs Low Thanks to Impulse Sealers

Nobody wants to be known as a person who sucks the air out of a room, but sucking the air out of packaging? Well, that’s another matter entirely. Air may seem like the most innocuous of packaging concerns, but impulse sealers help keep packing costs low in ways you might not expect.

Eliminating Unused Space

In shipping, every square inch counts. The product that takes up three square feet will cost more to ship than the product that takes up only two square feet. The impulse sealer quickly and efficiently removes any air in the packaging that may be taking up valuable space in your shipping boxes. This allows for smaller packages, and in turn, smaller shipping costs.

Quality Control

Industrial food sealers keep your food products fresh and protected, which translates to less product loss as a result of rot, contamination, or mishandling. Hence, more of your product is reaching the retailers intact.

Electrical Efficiency

The impulse sealer manages power effectively since it only uses electricity during the sealing process. In many other kinds of sealers, the contact surface must always stay hot, meaning that it is draining power continuously. Not only that, a constantly hot surface leads to a risk of injury. Since no part of the impulse sealer is consistently hot, there’s much less risk of anyone getting hurt.

Workplace Efficiency

Furthermore, the impulse sealer is ready for use as soon as you turn it on as opposed to other sealers that require a lengthy startup time. Not only will this cut down on electrical costs, but it will also require fewer man-hours in the packing of your product.

The impulse sealer keeps your products fresh, workstations safe, and packaging efficient. All of these qualities serve to keep your packing costs at a minimum.