Industrial Heat Sealers as Art? One Exhibit Seems to Think So

Industrial heat sealers are essential to a variety of different industries across the globe. The lynchpin in the production line for thousands of factories, they mean many products make it to store shelves as fresh as they were when they left the factory. One art exhibit, though, has proven that they’re not just for the factory floor any longer.

Collective Magpie, an art team made of Tae Hwang and MR Barnadas, has continually worked to identify those “in-betweens” life is so famous for and bridge the gaps. As participants in last year’s Art San Diego, they took things one step further, inviting the public to help change the face of the art installation itself. By teaming up with architect Steven Lombardi, they created a lounge area with 4,000 striped plastic bags. It not only included handmade, inflatable furniture with those bags where attendees could relax and sip cocktails, but also an “assembly line” where participants could actually participate in making the art work. Individuals used tools like an industrial heat sealer to get a better appreciation of the art itself.

The Art San Diego show included a number of other interesting exhibits as well, but few giving participants the chance to actually interact as the Collective Magpie exhibit did. While the application of sealing plastic bags is far from rare for an industrial heat sealer, it is unique that participants in Art San Diego were using that process to learn more about the practice of art itself.

Whether you’re looking for an industrial heat sealer for your next art exhibit (they do look amazing!) or you just think one would fit well on your factory floor, contact us today to learn more about our options and how we can help you get the right sealer to meet your company’s needs.