Impulse Sealers in Non-Profit Settings

Impulse sealers have long been a part of the mix for a number of different industries, but that certainly doesn’t define what this technology can actually do. Instead, it has the ability to cross many lines, including those into the non-profit sector.

Why Impulse Sealers?
Impulse sealers use heat to quickly seal objects, like plastic bags. Unlike traditional heat sealers, impulse sealers are ready to use. There’s no warm-up period necessary. They’re also fairly economical equipment, as electricity is only used during the sealing process itself. Add that to the fact that they provide little risk of burn injury thanks to the fact that no single component is always hot, and you have a very simple to use machine that can accomplish quite a bit in a short amount of time.

Applying It to Non-Profits
Today’s non-profits serve needs in so many parts of society. From working with under privileged students to feeding the hungry, the social issues they address are growing all of the time. Without non-profits, society might not be able to address many problematic issues.

Wondering where impulse sealers actually fit within non-profits? Think about the ones with which you’re most familiar. Food banks probably top the list for many, and impulse sealers fit here just as they do in any other commercial food setting. Sealing those meals that many will get from the food bank helps to extend the life of the product itself, and here’s where impulse sealers really shine. They’re economical, a must in the non-profit industry. They’re also fairly safe, and since many who work in a non-profit setting are unpaid volunteers, that quality is nothing short of a must. With no warm up period necessary, they’re ready the moment volunteers are, so downtime is eliminated, making the most of volunteers available.

Could an impulse sealer work within your non-profit? Absolutely. Contact us today to learn more.