How to Make Your Product Stable During the Shipping Process

Many people spend a large amount of time creating and perfecting their quality products.

Once the product lifecycle is complete and a purchase of the product has been made, naturally safe shipping is the next step. Many companies and people want to ship their products safely, and have them arrive exactly as they were sent out, in excellent condition an intact upon delivery.

There are many ways to package and ship products.

From fragile items, to coffee beans people want their products protected during the shipping process and have discover vacuum sealing to be an outstanding option. Often times if a product isn’t properly packaged it can be accidentally broken, or worse destroyed by the time it reaches its intended destination. From accidental bumps in the road with ground shipping, to environmental changes as with air transportation packages and package seals can be compromised. Vacuum sealing, more specifically using the V-300 vacuum sealer, offers a great way to easily vacuum seal your precious cargo, and ensures product protection in transit.

The V-300 Vacuum Sealer is an excellent and reliable choice for many industries to ship their products.

The V-300 is a self-contained general purpose-sealing unit that has many benefits. It is easy to use. It is compact and can fit on any workbench or tabletop. It has an analog heat timer that allows operators to control vacuum timing, and temperature, which can easily be adjusted to accommodate for the perfect seal. The V-300 sealer has options and can be used as a vacuum sealer or used in a seal only mode. Additionally, conveniently located on top of the system it has a push-to-go button and vacuum control nozzle lever to easily toggle between functions. Vacuum sealing with the V-300 creates the perfect airtight seal on any product, and is great for stabilizing your products during the shipping process.

The technology is the best of its kind, and is perfect for shipping and sealing general products in many industries from the medical community, to food and beverage, to technology and construction. Within medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics sealers are useful for packaging medications and keeping hazardous materials safely stored and constrains their movement. Food, beverages, and confections benefit greatly from vacuum sealers as they create an airtight seal which helps retain a food products freshness, products remain in their original position within the package during transit, and the sealers keep moisture out of the package preventing food spoilage. Any food production from making candy, to coffee bean distribution, to safely sealing seafood products, all productions can be ensured the food items will be safely sealed and ready for transit.

Within the technology and construction industries, one great use for vacuum packing is its ability to secure and store fragile tech parts that need to remain clean and undisturbed during handling and shipping.

And within construction, it is a great way to organize and ship small parts. Additionally, vacuum sealers help decrease the potential for any product destruction, or pouch failures during the shipping process.

Keeping products stored and protected during shipping is of the utmost importance. You will find many options for general packing and shipping with things like air pillows, bubble bags and rolls, popcorn bits in side boxes, an etc., but if you are seeking an option that goes further for safety, stability, thermal protection, an will ensure a product’s freshness and quality upon arrival at its destination; then a V-300 vacuum sealer is your best bet. For more information on the vacuum sealer V-300, or to purchase your very own, please visit