How impulse sealers affect the FDA seafood regulations

It should surprise no one who is paying attention that our government is a stickler for details. As a retailer or manufacturer you always need to be sure that every “t” is crossed and every “i” is dotted.

So it goes for the FDA’s seafood regulations. The Seafood Guidance Documents and Regulatory Information isn’t too cumbersome but ask any fisherman or distributor who doesn’t follow those rules what comes of that and you are guaranteed to hear some amazing stories. This is where something like a vacuum sealer really comes into play and makes life far easier.

If you have ever wondered how impulse sealers affect the FDA seafood regulations, here are just a few of the larger points.

Policy: The Seafood Guidance Documents & Regulatory Information page of the FDA’s website talks about one of the cornerstones of the departments programs. The Fish and Fisheries Products Hazards and Controls Guidance is their cobbling together of all the very latest and most up to date science and policy over some of the potential pitfalls impacting fish and fishery products. As well this program talks about the most effective controls to prevent the occurrence of seafood safety irregularities.

So it stands that those fisheries using impulse vacuum sealers to protect their bounty are far more likely to always find themselves in firm compliance.


Compliance: Leading right back into the policy angle, effective and correct use of this vacuum sealer technology will always allow your fishery to stay in firm compliance of any and all regulations. As new regulations occur you will always have the legacy and legend of your past compliance to fall back on. Even if you are cited in the future for not following correctly some new measures, an FDA who looks back on your years of graceful compliance is far more likely to be lenient on you in the future. The fact that you may be cut some kind of a break for getting your fish production back up to scale seems well worth the trouble it takes to get a vacuum sealer today.

Enforcement: With the use of vacuum sealer technology this will not only allow your fishery to stay in compliance it will also allow you to stay out of trouble with enforcement officials. Ask any fishery who has been shut down for violations how negatively impacted they will have been for not just the time of being taken off line but also for all the penalties and fines which have been subsequently assessed. No one likes to pay the pauper any more than they have to. When you have your product vacuum sealed and your product remains fresh and free from outside contamination you will be able not be subjected to adverse actions.

Reputation: Moreover one of the real reasons to employ use of a vacuum sealer on your fish is so that your customers will never have reason to complain about the quality of your fish. If you are best in breed than everyone aspires to elevate themselves to your level. When you are the top quality fish distributor you are also going to be free from discipline by the FDA. When the law does come around to inspect your outfit they are going to have nothing on which to burden your future business which in turn will only further bolster your businesses reputation among your peers and in the circle of vigilant customers who follow and keep after this sort of thing.

There are scores of reasons why employing a vacuum sealer may make a lot of sense to combat the myriad of cumbersome and annoying rules afforded companies by  the FDA. If your business has been on the fence about employing the uniformity, consistency and quality afforded your fishery by the likes of a vacuum sealer you should certainly take another closer look. Before you may any decisions for your business you should weigh the risk or cost and potential reward. It seems that in the case of a fishery a vacuum sealer makes all the sense in the world!