How Does an Impulse Commercial Vacuum Sealer Work

Impulse vacuum sealers consist of a rather simple operation, yet powerful seal, that allows them to be well suited for a variety of industries.

Typical industries that utilize impulse vacuum sealers are the food industry, dairy farming and the light electrical appliance industry. We offer several series of ourimpulse vacuum sealers, such as the V-300, V-402, V-401, and FCB-200. Each model varies in the operation and the design of the vacuum sealer.

Starting with the V-402 series, this is a heavy-duty vacuum sealer perfect for maintaining fresh food products and perishable food. This sealer prevents the oxidation of items, such as parts, apparel, chemicals and precision machinery.

The powerful seal starts with a built-in compressor to generate the vacuum seal.

The convenient aspect of this sealer is, there is no need for a separate compressor to complete the seal and it is ready for use once it is turned on! There is no waiting period for the vacuum sealer to warm up.

In order to set the conditions of the seal you simply follow the detailed confirmation steps throughout the process on the built-in touch screen.

The user can customize up to 10 work patterns, allowing for controlled sealing conditions after the initial set up.

Our V-402 sealers come equipped with ONPUL, which is a heating temperature control feature that allows the user to set and maintain the ideal heating temperature. No longer is there a fear of melting the seal or causing burn injuries to your employees. This feature also eliminates wasted energy consumption, improves sealing precision and minimizes wear and tear on the heating element.

If you are looking to add on to the V-402 series, you have the option of choosing the V-402-CH. This sealer has a clean-room specification feature which adds an exhaust fan and duct flange mounted on the side of the sealer. The duct allows the particles generated inside the machine to be removed safely outside the clean room.

Our next vacuum impulse sealer is the V-401 series. The design of these sealers have a drip-proof, all stainless body and an air pedal that allows for packaging of liquid material because it lacks electric parts. The single heater model is attached to the top-clamping lever where it is less likely to be exposed to liquids.

The operation of this model uses an ejector-vacuum method, which utilizes the flow of compressed air to eject the gas inside of the bag outside of the machine.

Unlike the vacuum pump, it does not collect foreign objects, such as liquid and powder taken from the bag, within the body of the machine. Although the ejector-vacuum method doesn’t have a high vacuum rate, its main advantage is the very high speed of removing gas.  This model does require a separate air compressor to operate the machine and it must have the following capacity: 1.5KW or more

The last model of our impulse vacuum sealers is the FCB-200, which comes equipped with a chamber vacuum sealer and heating-temperature control. The ultimate vacuum is high, at about -100pa. This model comes with a built-in vacuum gauge, complete with a simple button operation that allows the user to adjust the vacuum rate in the range of -50 to -100Kpa depending on the package content.

This model also comes with ONPUL; this chamber vacuum sealer allows users to set the perfect heating and cooling temperatures for the material and thickness of the bag.

To run the FCB you simply set the sealing conditions and vacuum rate. Then set the bag in the chamber and close the lid. After pressing the start button the sealing process will automatically begin. To notify you when the sealing process is complete, a beeping noise will occur. When the power is turned off, the sealer will automatically run one more time without actually processing any bag to clean out the collection of dirt and other foreign objects, which reduces daily maintenance.