How Does a Vacuum Gas Flush Sealer Work

Reflecting back on all the time, quality and precision that went into developing your product, the final step of packaging should be the least of your worries.

Doesn’t every industry strive for their products to be well made and long lasting? Majority of these industries have that common goal and their packaging device needs to reflect their product’s high standards.

Thoroughly investigate your industry’s current sealing method and the level of success you are having with your final products. How is the shelf life? Is your final package streamlined to reduce volume and storage space? How secure is your seal and are your products truly protected from environmental factors?

If you cannot answer yes on majority of those questions, it is time to evaluate your heat sealer! Constant heat sealers are becoming obsolete compared to the new technology found in impulse heat sealers. Impulse heat sealers offer several different models that can be customized to your unique industry needs. One of the most intricate models is the vacuum and gas flush sealer.

4 Benefits of Vacuum Gas Flush Sealers Every Industry Should Utilize

Longer Shelf Life – Reducing oxygen levels from packaged food products limits the growth of bacteria and fungi, thus extending the expected life of the product. Replacing oxygen with the appropriate gas may further extend shelf life.

Space and Volume Reductions – Vacuum sealing to remove excess air from a package reduces overall volume, in turn, reducing storage space and shipping costs.

Product Protection – Products are often vacuum packaged to prevent them from shifting or moving around causing damage.

Rust & Corrosion Protection – Vacuum sealers can help prevent rust and corrosion when also using a desiccant. They remove the oxygen from the bag preventing outside contaminants in addition to moisture, especially in electronic components, precision parts and precious metals.

Although vacuum gas flush sealers provide several unique benefits, the ability to replace oxygen with a gas solution is also an additional safety feature.

Vacuum packaging alone can sometimes negatively affect the product once the oxygen is removed. Anaerobic microorganisms thrive in the absence of oxygen and if not package properly, these microorganisms can create a food-borne illness environment. To help prevent these anaerobic microorganisms from thriving, vacuum gas flush sealers lower the pH value of the food.

Here is how vacuum gas flush sealers work!

Vacuum gas flush sealers are a form of modified atmosphere packaging. The vacuum part of the sealer removes all oxygen from the package and the gas flush part replaces the oxygen with a gas solution. This process changes the atmosphere and pH your product.

The main gases used are Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide or more commonly a mixture of gases adapted to the needs of each product to be vacuum packed.  The most common mixture consists of 30% carbon dioxide and 70% nitrogen. These gases provide several benefits, such as preventing oxidation, mold growth, spoilage, insect repellent, and bacteria growth.

Depending on your industry’s needs, the newest vacuum and gas flush sealers provide you with the option to only vacuum seal or vacuum and gas flush seal. When you want to flush the oxygen out of the bag to reduce the package volume and size, you can simple do that. Or if you want to fill the bag with nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation, or with carbon dioxide to create a bacteria free environment, you can do that too.

Fuji Impulse America LOS series offers ten different operations to completely customize your vacuum gas flush experience:

  1. Seal only
  2. Manual Vacuum and Seal
  3. Timer Vacuuming and Seal
  4. Vac Gauge Vacuuming and Seal
  5. Single gas and Seal and Manual Vacuum
  6. Single gas and time vacuum and seal
  7. Single gas and vac gauge vacuum and seal
  8. Multiple gas and manual vac and seal
  9. Multiple gas and timer vac and seal
  10. Multiple gas and vac gauge vacuum and seal

As you can see, no matter what your industry needs, vacuum gas flush sealers provide several customizable benefits.