How Does a Table Top Impulse Heat Sealer Work?

Table top impulse heat sealers can be used for a variety of different industry needs. From food packaging to apparel manufacturers, impulse heat sealers implement a simple design and operation allowing for a fast, yet accurate seal.

Table top impulse heat sealers are hand operated and are designed to seal about 1,000 bags per day.

If you are looking for a heat sealer that allows for a higher frequency than 1,000 bags per day, there are several advanced (semi-automatic) models  such as foot operated, vacuum and gas-flush that can accommodate your needs.

Our table top impulse heat sealers are available in three different models. The P, FS and FT series (new version: TK series) come in different lengths, shapes, and are designed to accommodate different sealing needs. To determine which table top impulse heat sealer is the right choice for you, read more about how impulse heat sealers work:

The P series is known for its simplicity. It includes a heating-time adjuster knob that allows you to set the appropriate heating time for the bag. Once the clamping lever is lowered, the heating light will turn on. A great feature of these sealers is the brief beeping sound indicating that the sealing is complete. There are two variations in length: 200mm (P-200) or 300mm (P-300). The sealer comes equipped with a 2mm heating element.

Another option is to replace the standard heating element with a fusion-cut heating element.

The P series also has a cutter mechanism on the PC-200 and PC-300 models. This mechanism has a cutter knob that slides across the bag after sealing to cut off any excess material from the end of the bag.

The FS series is perfect for  a wide range of industries and applications. It is ideal for individual packaging as well as for small packing of parts and food materials at plants. This unit is compact, taking up very little space, and is very mobile. In order to operate the FS series, you set the appropriate heating time for the bag with the heating-time adjuster knob. Then simply apply light pressure to the table with your hands as you hold the bag. This results in a powerful sealing pressure that ensures secure and clean sealing.

The FS series is perfect for pastries and confectioneries, pasta and noodles, medicine, office supplies, books, magazines, fresh produce, etc.

The TK series is known for its simple operation, yet strong seal! Same as the other table top impulse sealers, you use the heating-time adjuster knob to set the appropriate time. Then simply press down the handle with your hand as you hold the bag for a powerful sealing pressure to create the perfect seal.

FT-130 (T-130K) and FT-230 (T-230K) are configured to heat the bag using a double sided method as well as applying an enhanced, powerful sealing pressure. These sealers are capable of sealing bags with a total film thickness of up to 0.5mm.

By determining the daily sealing frequency your company requires and the applications the sealer is needed for, you can make an informed decision on which impulse heat sealer is right for you!