Home Use vs. Industrial Grade Vacuum Sealers

If you have ever used a vacuum sealer in the past it was either probably because of one of two reasons.

Either you used a vacuum sealer in your home for a specific purpose or more likely you used a vacuum sealer in your place of work and that was how you came into contact with it. Of course if you already have a frame of reference then chances are you view vacuum sealers in a very one-dimensional fashion. This is fine because this is how you have come to appreciate the function and fashion of a vacuum sealer. But particularly if you used a vacuum sealer in your job you might have thought, “that would be a good use for the home,” but the chances are that the type and scope of an industrial grade vacuum sealer made any thought of implementing such uses in your own home little more than fancy.

Still there are great uses for vacuum sealers in both the industrial setting and in the home.


Perhaps the way many of us have come to understand a vacuum sealer is in the industrial capacity. There are a wide range of uses for sealers at the industrial level. Some of the most popular of these include.

Fresh Food:

When you catch fish, package meat, put together dairy like cheese or any of a variety of other fresh foods you are going to need to have them sealed. Depending on where the sealing is taking place will depend on how the food parcels are sealed. For example if you are shipping out meat to a store you are not going to let it go out the door without being sealed in tight.


Another popular use for sealers is with medicine. With medicine you always want to be sure that the packaging is not compromised and one sure fire way to do this is to seal it in the warehouse and make sure it’s all been checked before you ship it out to hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.


Yes even your electronics are going to want to have that seal of approval that they have made it to their destination and they have not been compromised. Sealing up electronics like cell phones, stereos, and flat screen TV’s and the like will mean that there is no question that the device hasn’t been taken from the box since arriving at the store.


There are many uses for vacuum sealers in your home as well. While the device won’t be nearly as big or often used as they are in an industrial setting, that doesn’t mean that they are any less useful in a home setting.


If you make breads or other confectionary items in a bulk fashion, having a sealer in your home can really help to preserve the shelf life of these items. This is also a great use if you are making out holiday breads or cakes and sending them out to people all over the world. The items are a lot more likely to keep their freshness if they are sealed in.


Maybe you have seasonal clothing that you want to put away in deep storage. However your fear of gnats is real and legitimate. If you vacuum seal all of your apparel items before putting them away in storage then you are a lot more likely to have a full knit sweater or corduroy skirt when the seasons change.


Even something as consistent and common as leftover food can be better kept when you seal it up. Another good use for vacuum sealed food in the home is with small kids and their lunch. If they have food that is sealed shut then maybe they are a lot more likely to not dig into their snacks too soon. They also are likely to show up to their lunch period with a full and complete meal that is not all disheveled because of the chaos of a small child’s school day.

Vacuum sealers make a lot of sense for both home and industrial usage. If you have ever considered getting a vacuum sealer but have balked at the applications for your business or home you might want to dig a little bit deeper. There are tons of uses which may not always be at first apparent. A vacuum sealer can really streamline the use for a variety of elements in your home. Sealers in the office can also show off your business for caring far more about how things come and go from your shop.