Guaranteed Satisfaction from Quality Impulse Sealing Technologies

If you are a packing professional in the food or pharmaceutical industry, then you know how important it is that you properly store your products.

You need a supplier that creates products that are made to last, have quality performance, are reasonably priced, and will save you money in the long run. A Fuji vacuum and gas flush impulse sealer can help you achieve that goal. They offer an array of sealing products that are unrivaled in the packing industry.

Fuji offers hot stamp printers, packaging products, vacuum sealing and gas flush sealing products among their myriad of products. They have sealers that can be used in the household just a few times a day, or industrial-sized packers that can handle large volumes of products.

First it is important to understand exactly what an Impulse and ONPUL sealer is and what it does.

An impulse sealer heat-seals objects by sending a current when pressure is applied. The heat is transferred through a heat ribbon, sealing the item. When pressure is released the seal remains intact.

ONPUL stands for Ondo Control Impulse Sealer. ONPUL gets its name from the Japanese word for temperature, “Ondo” and the “Pul” in the Control Impulse Sealer. This represents the combination of culture that has made the Onpul Sealer so successful.

The ONPUL has many advantages over other sealers. It is much more economical because it uses the bare minimum of heat. This makes it more energy efficient and less labor intensive than other sealers.

This is also an extended safety feature as accidental burns are much more unlikely with an ONPUL sealer.

The ONPUL allows its user to set the temperature. Other sealers are set on a timer. This is possible by the special temperature sensor in the sealer. The user can set the temperature thanks to a the high-sensitivity temperature sensor that is controlled by a microcomputer. This vacuum and gas flush impulse sealer is fantastic for volume production.

It is important to consider what you are looking for in a vacuum and gas flush impulse sealer. If you are looking for a dependable hands-on sealer that is better for low-volume work than a regular Fuji impulse sealer will do the job nicely. If you are a commercial packager and you will have a large volume of products to seal, then the ONPUL impulse sealer is the better choice.

With this company “peace of mind comes easy” as they serve over 40,000 satisfied customers. Their customers range from the biomedical industry to manufacturing companies, universities, professional food packagers, and appliance companies. Choosing a sealer supplier is a big decision, but Fuji’s quality vacuum and Gas flush impulse sealer and its other great products makes it easy.