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Food has always been the reason behind a lot of innovations and when it comes to the blog-11-aug-1 storage of food that might perish, the procedure is still on. Plastic bags are an immaculate approach to store sustenance in the cooler or the cooler. Picking the best of the diverse sorts of accessible plastic sacks relies on upon the nourishment to be solidified or put away and to what extent it will be in the cooler. Vacuum-fixed packs expel all air from the bag, which gives the sustenance a more extended stockpiling life in the cooler or cooler. Heavy plastic packs are less demanding to fill and regularly less expensive, however they do contain air. Wait, hey, did I say vacuum sealed bags! Oh Yes, of course. For a vacuum sealed bag, we need to have a Vacuum Sealer, which is also called Vacuum Heat Sealer Vacuum Impulse Sealer. Vacuum Sealers are Impulse Sealers or Heat Sealers that are predominantly used as Food Sealers. We, fuji-sotex, have been innovating new technologies for the packaging industry and we have been successful in implementing them as well. Our armory boasts of products like Vacuum & Gas-Flush Impulse Sealers, Sealing-Only models, and Ultrasonic Sealer.


Vacuum & Gas-Flush Impulse Sealers are used to remove the air from the packaging and flush in oxygen scavengers. When you require a gas flush motivation sealer, the long-length LOS-NT and LOS-NTW sealers give the execution you’re looking to. The vacuum sealing function can be utilized when there is a need to flush the air inside the sack and lessen blog-11-aug-2bundle volume, or on the off chance that you need to use oxygen foragers to amplify item life. The Ultrasonic Sealers are compact little sealers that can be used easily and can be carried around without much of a fuss. The US-60B is an ultrasonic crimp sealer for clamshell packages. This user-friendly plastic sealing machine is operated by an easy-to-squeeze handle. As the handle is squeezed, the upper portion of the jaw vibrates at 60 KHz and successfully welds the plastic material with consistent sealing quality. Apart from that we have Sealing-Only Models that can help you in simple sealing and come in various shapes and sizes.

Whatever it is you need for your packaging need, we are here to help you out in the best manner. For all your Food Sealer, Impulse Sealer, Heat Sealer needs please visit fuji-sotex.com.