Fuji-sotex is prepared to set the bar of packaging industry really high.

Everything that a modern man wants is now readily available all throughout the world. Everything is available in ready made packages. We owe it to the packaging industry and the packaging industry gets it accolades from the factories that produce sealers. Heat sealers are innovative products that help in sealing packages starting from the basic food sealer to high end machines in the packaging industry. One such company is the Fuji-sotex.com which manufactures impulse sealers, constant heat sealers and vacuum food sealers. Their full line of impulse sealers delivers the consistent, high-grade sealing required by the medical, food, and high-tech industries. With the most demanding excellence and quality standards, we are building a reputation taller than the peak of Mt. Fuji. With innovative technology like ONPUL, they are setting out new heights in the packaging industry. A heat sealer is a machine used to seal products, packaging, and other thermoplastic materials using heat. This can be with uniform thermoplastic monolayers or with materials having several layers, at least one being thermoplastic. There are various kinds of heat sealers produced by fuji-sotex like the tabletop impulse sealer, semi-automatic sealer, foot operated sealer, vacuum food sealer, gas flush sealer and long size impulse sealer. The foot operated impulse sealer is useful in big industries whereas the tabletop impulse sealer can be used by small shops who offer sealed products. Fuji impulse specializes in producing long size impulse sealer which is very useful in industries requiring big packagings. Various products have various implications. One such product is the vacuum sealer. It operates on the principle of vacuum packing. It is a process of packaging that involves  the removal of air prior to the packaging. This practice is mostly considered in the case of food packaging. The vacuum sealer serves as the ideal food sealer as it is proved to increase the shelf life of certain foods. Fuji-sotex not only manufactures impulse sealer or food sealers, but it also manufactures point sealers, hot stamp printers, hot air welding unit and packaging products like pouches and bags making it a company completely dedicated to the packaging industry.

All the products are rigorously tested and manufactured under clean environment to ensure safety. Since 1956 Fuji Impulse has offered a wide variety of high quality impulse sealers for many different applications. For more details on the Fuji Impulse or its products hit the left click of your mouse over fuji-sotex.com. You can also get a quote on the product you need and seal the deal.