For High Volume Sealing, What Are Your Best Options?

Your production line is moving faster than ever, and keeping up means staying on track with your quotas and hitting your bottom line. The one weak link? Your heat sealer. When you’re looking for the right heat sealer to meet your needs, which ones are going to handle the higher volume on your line best and which ones might be left in the dust? Take a look.

The Choice of Impulse Sealers

In general, your best bet for a good sealer that’s going to be able to keep up on the product line is always going to be an impulse sealer. Wondering why? It starts with their versatility. You can choose from a hand-operated, foot operated, or automatic model to meet your needs. No matter how quickly your production line is moving, you can choose the right model to help you keep up. Impulse sealers have one other distinct advantage over other options, though. They’re ready the moment you want them, but there are no ongoing heating elements to worry about, which reduces the risk of injury on your line. Add that to the fact that they can handle thicknesses at a variety of levels, and you have the right choice for your line.

Our Options

We have a variety of different impulse sealers available if you’re shopping for the right high production model to meet your line’s needs. If you’re looking just for a good seal without a vacuum or gas flush, go with one of our tabletop models like the FS series or our foot pedal type like our FR-450 series.

Need to take a step forward and add gas flush capabilities? Consider our LOS-NT/NTW series or even our VG-402/602 series, which is micro computer controlled.

It’s tough to keep up with the pace of production these days, but our impulse sealers are easily the best choices on the market today to do it. Contact us to learn more about how to keep your production numbers up now.