Before You Buy a Heat Sealer – 5 Things You Should Know Now

A heat sealer is often the best way to solve all kinds of packaging issues within your factory. Before you make that purchase, though, there are actually a number of things you may want to consider.

1. Think about your products carefully. You have to think through what you might be heat sealing, as the type of bag and sealer you need depends on the products themselves. Packaging fresh food, for instance, is wholly different from packaging metal parts.

2. Consider your timeline. How many bags do you want to seal per hour? Understanding what scale you need from your heat sealer is important to selecting the right one. If you’re just sealing ten bags a day, for instance, almost any heat sealer will do. If you need to do something like a hundred bags per hours, you’ll want a heavy duty machine that can cope.

3. Factor in your budget. You only have so much available for new equipment. Be sure you consider that as you shop for the right heat sealer. Don’t forget that the cheapest model on the market probably isn’t the right one. You also want to think about maintenance costs and a warranty as you shop.

4. Evaluate the various types of machines available. Most sealers come in one of two different types – chamber sealers and nozzle sealers. Learn what you can about the advantages of each before you place an order for your factory.

5. Visualize the level of operator involvement that might work best. Do you need an automatic machine or something that is foot pedal operated? Both have their advantages and drawbacks, so put some careful thought into which might work for your organization.

If you’re a bit confused as to which of our heat sealers will best fit your needs, contact us today to learn more.