Band Sealer by Fuji-sotex for Efficiency

Our series of high-grade stainless steel and semi-automated band sealers are ideal for sealing all types of thermoplastic materials and are considered a flexible packaging machine. They are used to satisfy both domestic and industrial applications. A huge range of sealers configure the equipment to meet specific needs of users. An important consideration is the speed of the band sealer which is faster than any other sealing machines.

Fuji-sotex band sealer features:

– Customized properly for efficiency

– Provides worldwide availability and service support

– Effective for all types of thermoplastic material

– Easy operation with minimal training

– Warm up time is least

– Accommodates adjustable rubber conveyor with speed control and varying thickness of sealing material

– Conveyor belt adjustable both vertically and horizontally

– Efficient for high demand environment with longer life and high performance

– The sealers house temperature controllers for proper and consistent sealing

– Avails varied seal width

– Avails spare part kits and instruction guide

Band sealer covers a wide range of applications, starting from low production volumes to high production units working at higher speed. With our product you can apply it on enclosable featured bags to gusseted bags. Band sealers play a vital role in the food marketing and packaging among the producers and distributors. The packaging includes different food products such as frozen food, vegetables, spices, meat, fruits, food supplements, nuts, etc. Moreover it can be used for sealing and packing fertilizers, washing powder, sand, pet food and tobacco.

Also, consents in the medical field with strict medical industry’s validation through precision in control and monitoring the sealing factors. Used in sealing and packaging of sterilized products, disposable products, surgical instruments, etc.

Our products make sealing things easy with high-quality band sealers. We are thereby ready to help you in the field of packaging at low investment.