A Commercial Vacuum Sealer May be a Good Fit for Your Home

A reliable, commercial-grade vacuum impulse sealer is a useful and worthwhile investment for just about any home.

Most people have heard of the money saving benefits of buying food in bulk when you own an impulse sealer; you can simply break down the large packages into smaller, more manageable quantities and vacuum seal them again, so that your food will be as fresh as if you’d just picked it up from the grocery store shelf. But if you don’t have a convenient bulk retailer in your area, or don’t have an extra freezer to store large quantities of bulk meats and vegetables, an impulse sealer is still an incredibly useful asset for practically all the rooms in your home.

If your busy work schedule doesn’t leave you much time for cooking during the week, your vacuum sealer can save you from piles of expensive and unhealthy take-out. When you have a free day on the weekend, you can simply cook up a large batch of spaghetti sauce, chili, or another simple one-pot meal, and then vacuum-seal portions sufficient for each night of the week. These ready-made meals will fit easily in your freezer, and are a snap to prepare when you get home from work. Simply toss the still-sealed bag into a pot of boiling water, and your chili or pasta sauce will reheat and be ready to serve right from the bag.

Your impulse sealer isn’t only useful in the kitchen.

Clothing and other textiles shrink down impressively when vacuum-packed, and will spring back up to full size with only a little fluffing once they’re removed from the bag. If you need to reduce the clutter in your home or create more space in closets and dressers, consider vacuum-sealing your off-season garments and bedding. Bulky sweaters and thick blankets take up a lot of space when merely folded and put away, but when you use your impulse sealer to store them in vacuum bags, you’ll find you have plenty more room for your summer things. You won’t need to worry about moths or any other environmental hazards with your vacuum sealed clothing and linens, making it possible to store them in attics and basements that may not be entirely weather-tight.

If your child has stuffed toys with too much sentimental value to let go of, even after they’ve gotten too old to play with the toys or take them to bed anymore, you can hold onto those cherished childhood memories without turning the guest bedroom into a nursery or putting a favorite teddy bear at risk of mold damage. Stuffed animals are excellent candidates for vacuum-sealing, and will spring back to their original size and shape with only a little coaxing once they are removed from the bag. What better way to save a cherished plush friend for the day your little ones have little ones of their own?

The space-saving virtues of vacuum-sealing clothing are perfect for when you’re on the go, as well as at home.

Using your impulse sealer to vacuum-pack your clothes and other personal effects when traveling help condense your items down, allowing you to fit more essentials into your carry-on bag. If you end up needing to check luggage, having your clothes and other items vacuum-sealed not only allows you to get more into your suitcases, but also it helps keep nosy TSA employees from pawing through your things during routine baggage inspections.

If your home is at risk for flooding, you’ve undoubtedly had concerns about the best way to store your most precious and fragile keepsakes, as well as important documents. To protect photo albums, birth certificates, diaries, and other vulnerable papers from water, mold, and other damage, slip them into a vacuum bag and use your impulse sealer to keep them secure. Storing them with a small container of uncooked rice, either just prior to sealing or along with the documents to be stored, will help prevent moisture from being sealed in with your sensitive items. This is an excellent way to keep irreplaceable items safe from flooding, smoke damage, and snooping roommates.

For families that enjoy the great outdoors, a reliable impulse sealer is an indispensable tool. You can vacuum-seal those bulky sleeping bags to make more room in the car, and protect your changes of clothing from the weather and wet until you need them. There are few better ways of keeping your matches dry than by sealing them in a vacuum bag, and the same goes for emergency first-aid supplies. It’s even possible to vacuum-seal electronics, like a prepaid cellular phone for emergencies. By vacuum-sealing the food you bring on camping trips, you reduce the risk of insects, raccoons, or bears sniffing it out and raiding your campsite. Your impulse sealer can help you keep all your essentials safe.