5 Products That You Wouldn’t Expect to be Vacuumed Sealed

Getting things where they need to be in the proper format can be tough. You need to use the space you have in your shipping containers as good as you can but then there is the consideration for all of that wasted space.

So much of what we ship is merely the air in between our products. For this reason many people choose to use a vacuum sealer. Your business may never have considered your products applicable to vacuum sealer status but that could be gross negligence on your part

If you have never before considered its versatility before here are 5 products that you might not expect to be shipped using a vacuum sealer.

Beauty Products:

You might never have considered beauty products to be taken under the guise of vacuum sealed technology but that couldn’t be further from the truth. So many beauty items are encased and shipped using vacuum technology that similar businesses should take notice. Even if your products are an aggregate hodge-podge like so many smaller beauty products, which are all getting shipped to the same address, this is something to wrap your head around.


We all appreciate the freshness of coffee in the 21st Century but how many of us really consider why this coffee is so fresh? If you frequent any of the more refined coffee chains you probably have noticed that they don’t typically sell coffee grinds anymore; so many of them offer you the option of their coffee beans. The beans are fresher and the beans are vacuum sealed to lock in that freshness and extended the shelf life. Does your business deal in a similar plant to the coffee bean that comes from a certain part of the world and needs to be shipped out with time stamped goodness? If you are not using a vacuum sealer then you are doing your business and your customers a disservice.

Small Electronics:

Another area that takes well to a vacuum sealed reality is small electronics. Things like smaller disks and even very expensive and fragile electronics pieces deserve the care of being vacuum sealed. If discs, fragile screens, or other very sensitive and highly complicated machinery were being jostled about while it was being shipped the integrity of your brand would only suffer.

Specialty Tool Parts:

Another item which is shipped and benefits greatly from the vacuum technology are specialty tool part. Handheld tools are rather small; specialty tool parts; nuts and bolts; are even smaller. So it stands to reason that using a vacuum sealer to take in, organize, and order specialty tool parts are vital. Maybe even greater than keeping the tool parts in shipping order may be the task of receiving these specialty tool parts on the other end. If you are shipping 100 5/8 inch screws and 100 ¼ inch screws and you have them all jumbled together in a box, what do you think the chances are of these screws becoming intermingled? Why would you want to put your recipient on the other side through so much bedlam?

Frozen Food:

The main reason that frozen food is packed with a vacuum sealer is because when the oxygen is removed and when food is stored in vacuum bags the shelf life is greatly extended. Producing more food and using a vacuum sealer to keep that food fresher longer can markedly decrease the frozen food retailer’s bottom line and increase profits.

If you are a small business owner, you have got to watch every penny which flies from your balance sheet. You may think that something extravagant like a vacuum sealer just doesn’t fit into your bottom line. However consider your customer on the other side of any of these examples. If your product could be easily misconstrued, become exposed to the elements, can readily break or any of these other problems, wouldn’t you consider an investment in something like a vacuum sealer essential for running and maintaining a top-line business?