5 Features to Look for When Choosing a Vacuum and Gas Impulse Sealer

Be it food or pharmaceutical products, they will decay, decompose and become unfit for use over time.

To overcome this problem, packaging professionals in the food and pharmaceutical industry should opt for the right vacuum gas impulse sealer. He or she has to choose equipment that will prove to be an infallible source for sealing packets of vegetables, fruits, meat, and of course, medicines. There are two types that one can opt for, i.e. external and chamber sealers.

So, as a packaging professional, what should one do to purchase a functional and easy to use vacuum gas impulse sealer?

Quantity or Volume of Products

The quantity of products that one wishes to preserve should help him pick out the right machine. Most varieties are manufactured to pack low to medium volume of items. These are ideal for packing up to dozens of merchandise every day. One can also pack a few items based on his/her needs. If a person buys a chamber sealer, he can either pack in dozens or in average quantities.

Size and Speed Matters

An impulse sealer should also be purchased after considering the size and speed. As far as the speed is concerned, the hand sealer is easy to operate and very cost effective. It has a bar which can be manually lowered and this variety is obtainable from 4-40 inches. It can seal 6 to 12 packages in a single minute.

Type of Products

The type of commodity a person will be packaging will help him opt for the machine he is looking for. Let’s cite an example to make this point simpler. If a person is packing something for which 99.9% of air needs to be removed, then a chamber or external sealer would be the best resource to meet your needs.

So, what kind of vacuum gas impulse sealer should be used for fragile food items like potato chips? Of course, a chamber sealer that has an inert air kit. Why? Well, an inert gas such as nitrogen will help in the preservation of delicate potato chips. As far as products like potato chips are concerned, eliminating 99.9% of air would damage or spoil the contents of the pack. Machines having the capacity to get rid of 75% of air would replace the remaining air with nitrogen which is inert. All of the oxygen should be removed to prevent potato chips from becoming soft and soggy.


There are primarily two types. One is direct heat and the other is an impulse heat mechanism. This variety is mainly used for thermoplastic materials such as poly bags requiring lower temperature. This variety can even be used for sealing poly-coated materials. Also, direct heat sealers are used for thicker poly-coated or thermoplastic materials and cellophane. This variety provides much higher temperature on heated jaws.

Other functionality aspects that need to be considered are the formation of vacuity, cutter units and air purging.

Features to Look for

To pick out the best vacuum gas impulse sealer, look for the following features:

  • The machine is built of metal; the body is made up of rough cast aluminum.
  • The pivot is of entire steel.
  • Best quality and durable.
  • One should buy a product having electronic timer and inbuilt micro-switch.

If you choose wisely, you may even end up buying the perfect vacuum gas impulse sealer for all your apparent sealing