4 Benefits of Impulse Heat Sealers

Impulse heat sealers are high quality thermal heat-sealing devices that seal products in package films, or bags, by delivering an instantaneous high current impulse to a heater ribbon on the device surface.

Impulse heat sealers come in a variety of systems and sizes, have several applications, and are utilized in many industries from food packaging, manufacturing, construction, apparel, to the medical community. There is a growing demand for impulse heat sealers given the sealers ease of use, high standards on safety, low energy costs, and consistent reliability delivering clean quality seals every time, for every product. No matter what type of industry you are in, there is an impulse system that can accommodate your company’s specific needs.

The Fuji Impulse heat sealers have single and dual heating options and are made up of five key consumable industrial parts; these consist of a heating element, silicone rubber, Teflon sheet, glass tape, and a sarcon sheet. As well, the impulse sealers are microprocessor controlled.

There are four main benefits of using an impulse heat sealer for all your industry needs:

One benefit of impulse heat sealers is how easy they are to use and how there is no waiting. When you’re ready to use an impulse heat sealer, it’s ready for you. It’s as easy as turning the system on, taking an action, and the heat sealer is hot and ready for immediate use.

The second benefit of impulse heat sealers is after starting up the system there isn’t a warm-up duration.

Other brand units require a waiting warm-up period. This lag takes extra time and translates into wasted power, which creates additional electrical costs, and the waiting time calculates into work inefficiency and higher labor costs. The Fuji Impulse system only uses electricity during the sealing process for the heater. Therefore, there isn’t an additional drain on power, which saves electricity, nor is there time wasted on employees waiting.

Some sealers require a sealing bar to stay hot at all times, which can result in additional electrical costs, and worse, injuries. When sealers need to stay on at all times this can give rise to unintended personal injuries. Injuries happen because it is easy to get burned by the hot bar from a heat sealer that is required to be on constantly while working. Therefore another benefit of impulse heat sealers is none of the components are hot all the time. They are hot only when the system is in operational use. This lowers the risk of personal injury from unwanted burns, and reduces company risks.

And finally, impulse sealers deliver clean seals because the fusion and cooling takes place under pressure in the process.

Due to the impulse sealers’ sealing frames and levers being made of aluminum, this aids in the cooling process and helps congeal the packaging film. Aluminum’s ability to handle high heat-conductivity relieves heat from both the pressure lever and sealing frame. It’s important to remember to allow cooling to take place while the system is in the closed position after heating. Table top units indicate that the cooling process is complete by beeping. Sufficient cooling time is a must for optimal sealing results. Once the cooling process has occurred, the seal generated is stronger, precise, and clean. Other brand systems like a continuous heat sealer may provide heat, but leaves the fusing and cooling to take place during shrinking which in turn can create uneven packaging.

From the easy-to-use table top P Series Poly Sealers, to the industrial FIF Foot Operated Series for large and extra-large packaging, Fuji Impulse Heat Sealers have your products in the bag!