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  • [FS Series - Table Top-Type Impulse Sealers]FS-Series.jpg

    FS Series - Table Top-Type Impulse Sealers(2)

    The FS-215 and FS-315 Shop Impulse Sealers from Fuji Impulse are impulse-sealing units sized and priced right for the small retailer. This remarkable food sealer machine allows even small shops to re-bag bulk commodities into virtually any sized package desired. Easily operated and maintained, the FS-215 and FS-315 Shop Sealers handle a wide range of commercial films.


  • [P Series - Table Top-Type Impulse Poly Sealers]P-Series.jpg

    P Series - Table Top-Type Impulse Poly Sealers(4)

    The P-Series is a poly bag sealer and one of the most easy-to-use hand sealers on the market. The P-Series, also known as the Poly Sealer®, is perfect for compact, tabletop use. The Poly Sealer® is an impulse sealer for sealing packaging only.

    Seals up to 1,000 bags daily; maximum bag size is up to 20/30 cm. The poly bag sealer is compatible with the following packa...